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Please check the law society tribunal web page and see current hearings.

Please do not hasitate to complain your lawyers at the “law society upper canada” web page, has information how to fill up complain form and it is easy .

I want to talk about these insurance bastards  who are following  you all over.

Usually they follow you trough your cell  phone number and there is  a system that they can see where you are, it is a GPS system that  doesnt cost  to buy and install your computer.

If you give your phone numbers to your lawyer they let the insurance  knows and they follow you by using their own survalience team so  please get second cell phone and dont give it to any one if you only use cell phone.if you have a land phone give this number to your lawyer or any one else like your doctors. Remember you can’t even trust your  own brothers and it is a big deal you will realize  soon or later.

Insurance companies and your lawyer always work on your psychology  and remember they have many tools to use.They know you are vulnarable and they keep attacking you with what ever they have and mostly they are using other people  to do that such as your neighbour try to give you a microwave  for free and there is a camera installed in it how ever it is illegal but they do that and they don’t care, remember they dont see you as a  human they see you as a bug and they want to crush you ASAP,you are an enemy and you should look at them same way. .

Please don’t be naive, they have many plans and strategy to bring you down so be carefull and be smart all the time you have to make your own plan and strategy,do not play their game , let them play your game and with your rules.

It is hard to explain you how do they play game but, if  you know how to play chess game it is a lot easier for you because you have to know their next steps and possibilities, so , you can prevent their next step and you don’t fall in their trap.

If you see your tire is flat one morning don’t try to change it , they are watching and recording you because they did it and prepare that set up.

They can put money on the ground and make you bend over and pick the money up, you get that money carefully and slowly, dont bend over.They might put brend new furniture on the street and try to make you carry  it your home , do  not touch it.

I gave you few examples so be careful they put camera to record you even in doctors office because you are stupid to trust your doctor.

You can see your doctor once a month and always make your complain where ever hurts  and do not change it ,remember pills are helping little as long as you take your pills and some how if they catch you by skipping rob ,kicking bolls,dancing or even working remember always say you try and trying is not bad but unfortunately your pain increases by doing that dont worry your case is still strong even if they say  you can do this and do that,doesnt proof anything  next time be carefull and do not repeat your mistakes.

You always wonder how many people  fallowing you or who is following  you? Dont worry just keep doing what ever you are doing and they put at least 25 people behind you some with cars, some with roller skater, some with couples walking or gays running, some of them with bicycles and these people from only one insurance company ,if you are at no fault ;second insurance survalience people would involve and make it 50 people lets say your crooked lawyer put 10 his or her own bastards after you , that means 60 people behind you.

Usually they put this much people if they think you are getting mad or dont like being followed or, you still fighting and your last year for the trial.

Do you want to ask me how do they effort  paying this much people?

Answer is they dont put this much people behind you steady ,most of them are student they get paid cash like 50 dollars a day as long as you are out so they know you wouldn’t be out for 12 hours a day.

Some times they put professional with equipments that coast 5k a week and they don’t use that much unless they are suspicious about you are going to work.

Their main concern is trying to bother you and that is why I told earlier that they always  attack your psychology.All they want you is give up your fight.

If you have a case you need at least one person that you can trust and he or she  stands behind you and protect you from getting psychological damages.

Never forget: if you have a case, you have many enemies.

You don’t want to get  screwed up , you must study law and use computers to get information about personal injury cases,steps and meaning of words like statement of claim, discovery ,mediation,arbitration etc.

If you think your case is ready for the trial and you don’t trust your lawyer,fill up act in person form and go your trial by yourself ,I Assure you you wouldn’t lost the trial unless they buy judge, on insurance cases you are always right with lawyer or without,you are still winner.