Master Muir,Master Abrams , Wendy Sokoloff and other Gang members of law society.

I had 2 motions for bills of previous lawyers.

First one with master Muir

Second one with master Abrams


I didn’t know what motion was,I had a letter from previous lawyer wich one was motion call,I went there because lack of knowledge about the law,MONSTER MUIR has given me a charging order how ever I found out he order or decision  wasn’t right,and MONSTER already knew that instead of judging fairly he judge monsterly and he knew his decision wasn’t right so,that shows how those gang members are protecting each other’s,you, me,or other citizens has no right ,they have got the powers and they are using and abusing their powers just  like others(such as police officers esc.)


This time master Abrams ruled ,Wendy SOKOLOFF was asking her bills to be paid by getting charging order against me.

That time I learned the law and I knew what should be said at the hearing so,I explained and showed the law about the charging  order and master has decided to give the decision after 2 days ,2 days later there was a phone call this is Master Abrams and I am letting know your decision has been mailed out,I have got shock why did she called me to let me know because it doesn’t happened that way, odd ,they don’t call anyone,they mail Decisions and that is it.(Later on found out her secreter has called according to her)

After 1 week I did not receive anything then I called her and her secretary answer and sad “if I have a problem I should blame the Canada Post” lol “or I should comedown to the court house and ask the copy”,next day I went to the court house and asked the copy of the decision ,”it is missing” they couldn’t find.

I went downstairs and asked to speak with master Abrams ,her annoying secreter came and she sad “there is no file with her and I can’t speak with master and I should go and fight with Canada Post” lol.I told her she was lying and she has never send that mail out, then her collar turned red and she runed inside, so, I left the court house and I am gona check that decision again tomorrow however ,I believe Wendy Sokoloff has finger in this and she probably paid her out for destroying the decision or not sending me.Here is the decision favour to the lawyer ,no matter what you do ,if you read the law to the master that their decision does not change,I am questioning of how  fair their decision is.Shame on you monsters ,shame on you.What we learned from this experience ,In Toronto these people became gang ,they rule ,they ruin ,probably most of them are in Masonic group ,they are all over and you guys are working like a donkey paying tax for who and for what,for this people ,for master ,for police officer ,for politicians or judges to get paid and abusing system and abusing their power to crush citizens, taxpayers ,working people that they don’t even have a time to think and they don’t know what is going on around them,when they need their rights  they face with this system and gangs so, either they go crazy or they go to jail.

You have,I have,other citizens have no rights no matter what the law says .Do not trust the law ,law doesn’t protect you ,law protects ;banks,big coop,gang members of law society and member of Masonic groups.


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