This is a response e-mail for the Canadian Judical Council.

Because of the judge I lost this trial and I have to apply for appeal,why? Is this my fault ?that decision should have been dropped automatically as long as judge is a drug addict and sold out.
I didn’t put this Lederer guy there ,who ever is responsible they supposed to pay for the appeal,why should I pay for the appeal or wait for the decision?This Pollock and Lederer switched the trials and I have to pay for it.This Lederer shit is yours to clean or Pollock, it is not my job ,nor my responsibility.At the end I have to pay for everything ,this is not fair, Are you investigating this Lederer and Pollock or not?
Let’s say I go to appeal ,how could I know the judge is not going to be sold,it happened once. Are you going to give me a guarantee for judge is not going to sold out .For me there is nothing left to trust these judges or Canadian Laws and legal system.
Should I seek my Justice by myself ?what is your suggestion ?at the end I am the one who is suffering.
Suggesting for appeal is easy for you guys ,are you guys going to pay for the expenses,what if I don’t have money ,how could I appeal the decision.
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