View complain against judge Pollack and another complain against chief of Justice Heather Forster Smith

We all remember this judge Pollack  from my tort trial that she switched the trials with Judge Lederer 2 days before the trial date,if the Lederer is guilty for bribery and this corruption ,Pollack has to be blamed for the same allegations.By letting Lederer to switch trials Pollock is guilty for bribery and corruption in superior court of Justice as well as Lederer.

Pollock may be not a drug addict like Lederer but,she has responsibility carry of her duty that she has assigned for and she failed to do so and obviously this has been set up at least 2 days before the trial so she must have gotten some money from the insurance company.

Lets come to the Chief of Justice who did not do her job all of the below.

She has been failed to do her job poraperly.
determining the sittings of the court;
assigning judges to the sittings;
assigning cases and other judicial duties to individual judges;
determining the sitting schedules and places of sittings for individual judges;
determining the total annual, monthly and weekly workload of individual judges; and
preparing trial lists and assigning courtrooms, to the extent necessary to control the determination of who is assigned to hear particular cases.

In  addition to specific statutory obligations, the Chief Justice has significant duties under the common law, including an overarching responsibility to protect the Court’s institutional independence.

I filled up my formal complain agains both lady,Pollack and Heather Forster Smith.

Feb 14 -2015

I have received a letter from canadian judical councilI says that ,”my allegations against Pollack is bare and and is not sufficient to engage council judical conduct review.Complaint must provide valid and factual basis that concerns conduct of a judge before a meaningful review can be done”

I am asking why did they switch  the trials ,isn’t that enought for you to investigate  that there must have been a reason to do that.My allegations against her in my view is still valid and they can not clear unles they tell us ,how much insurance money has been paid to those judges.As you see they are trying to cover them up and say that, they can’t do anything with trial assignment and it doesn’t have any relations with judical council.

Very well then ,since when judge can choose trials?

If they assign themselves ,what the hell is Chief of Justice doing there?

Canadian Judical council shows their credibility by ignoring trials switch and they choose not to investigate any bribery.

Canadian Judical council shows that they are not independent and don’t do their job properly,if you ask little kids even they would say switching trials are not normal and smells bad.

What kind of monkey business is this by putting citizens in stupid positions,system doesn’t work.

I made my complain about chief of Justice to Governer of General and this is the last step that I am taking there is no further step left ,Justice minister choose to be silent about what is going on  and Justice minister ignore this corruption That  I already let him know long time ago.

Neither Federal government conservatives working nor ontario liberal government.



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