FSCO relation with UNICA insurance 3 months still no decision yet ,

Unica insurance has connections everywhere  and their people in everywhere,as we know so far ,in superior court of Justice connections are;judge Pollack and Judge Lederer. Fisco connection is Arbitrator Richardson. I don’t know how many people they have in Provincial or in Fedaral parliament but, what we know is money talks. It has been more than 3 months now I am still waiting for the decision of the arbitrator for my A/B matter. I know insurance people around me learned the decision 3 weeks before and don’t ask me how I know this )).Insurance knows the decision and hold it back there ,try not to release and using their people who gets paid by Unica to manage the FSCO. FSCO is Goverment estabilisment to regulate manythings and one of them is insurance ,ships are in wolf hands lol  very well. FSCO has responsibilities to clear this people from inside the FSCO ,unfortunately we don’t know how much corruption in FSCO and how many people working for both sides. I just want to tell you this;they became bones inside the GOVERNMENT and they don’t even know who is who lol,little bit hard to clean these rats. Please feel free the comments and Idea how to clean rats from the Goverment,like a puzzle ,we don’t know how many they are ,in what position ,they are in parliament for sure,superior court of Justice and FSCO ,where else and what are they capable of. I send fax FSCO on February 6-2015  to Senior Arbitrator J.Macey and asked for the decision see what will happen now,who is holding the decision ,because I know decision has been made maybe 1 month ago or earlier and they don’t let it released,who ever is holding this decision ,he is or she is the one working for both side ,Arbitrator Richardson we know that you are working for the Unica Insurance ,are you holding this decision or there are others who is working for the Unica Insurance are holding the decision.Funy think is 2 weeks ago I called and I was told that it has been editing,  like putting coma and checking spelling ,who believes that lol,they put citizens in a stupid position to show their stupidities .If you want to lie ,find something little more smarter than this,decision has been made and I know from the insurance people ,I called FSCO and they are lying ,bull shiting that is how thinks are going on in Goverment establishment.One of them say that I should go and fight with Canadapost the other one says that we are editing ,putting coma and checking spelling.Good keep going like this , be careful ,people are not stupid. I wonder who is managing FSCO ,I mean who is the manager in there ,ok I understand court house and Master dogie says that we should go and fight with Canada Post for the decision ,FSCO says I should wait for spelling,and putting coma ,editing,lol what are you editing ,2 page maximum. Here one side COURT  the other side FSCO wich one is better ,none. who ever is managing those places  , needs some  intellectuality,and a brain. I will call and try to reach this senior Arbitrator J. Macey to get my decision and I will keep you all up to date ,either for the  truth or for more bullshits.

Today on Monday feb 9 2015

I have just called fsco to speak with arbitrator J Macey and I was told that I can not speak with her !

Question1:why can’t I speak with her?

Question2:Who does J Mackey  thinks she is, by not responding my fax?

Question3: I do know Fsco is in corruption is J Macey involved with this?

Question 4:How long more are they going to run away?

Question 5:Where is my arbitration decision and what are they changing on it?I know the decision has been already made and UNICA already knows that.

Question 6 :Do I have right get my arbitration decision?

I will keep you all up to date daily that  How long this bullshit will go.

Feb 14 -2015I have been still waiting for the decision and I already let them know that  I will investigate the decision originality to make sure no one change the decision.Insurance has people even arbitrator to do that so,still waiting for the decision and I don’t trust FSCO at all after what I have experienced with this law society and insurance relations.


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