FSCO ARBITRATION DECISION FAX to the seni our arbitrator j.macey

FSCO FILE NUMBER;A12-003908 SKO FEB-4-2015

Dear madam i would like to get my arbitration decision if i have a right to do so please.

Your letter states that my lawyer Cemal Acikgoz should contact with you instead of me and unfortunately my lawyer did not show up to the hearing so i fired him at the day of the arbitration about 6 months ago and I was self represented at the arbitration hearing. Your letter shows that you have very little knowladge about my case and you did not even look at or respond my inquiry properly about my requesting the decision.So,

I have to take this as a dissrespect to a citizen who is seeking his right.

Isn’t that enough crushing citizens and putting citizens in a stupid position the way you respond my fax in your letter.

Your letter was rude and did not clarify my question about the dead line.

Unfortunately I have to publish this fax along with your letter and previous fax on the web page to show and make people understand how behave FSCO to citizen who is seeking his right and meaning of FSCO.

In your web page clearly states that 3 months for the decision and it has been 4 months and i am still waiting,this only benefits UNICA insurance company and if i have to apply for THE appeal unfortunately i have to wait for appeal decision as well as this one.

Now with my all respect ˇ(unlike yours to me) I would like to get my decision or dead line for my decision please and please stop wasting my time and respect citizens at least once, instead of billion dollars Insurance companies, I know it is really hard for you guys to show some respect to ordinary citizens but,please try once at least and sorry i dont have billion dollars to earn your respect.

best regards

Ordinary Citizen

Arif Sahinbay

Sent from Windows Mail


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