Do you want to invest in Canada? Justice sytem corrupted federally so,think twice.

Federal judge and Justice system has been corrupted,it effects,every single province of Canada ,federal judges have been assigned by money’s ,insurance companies,or they assign themselves,who ever pays them well.

Here is the reality;all the corruption has begun with conservative Goverment. Corruption is getting bigger  as long as conservatives are in charge.

If you want to trust law ,don’t even bother there is no law in here,just like a thirth world country,money talks and buys.

If federal judges are corrupted think about provincial judges or justice systems.

These are the truths and corruption has been written  in this blog,read carefully, and think twice before you move yourself into a trouble,I assure,you can not find any rights because  law is not exist.

Neither you ,nor your money and your life is under protection by laws,unless otherwise you have a good connection and big amount of money.

We all saw what they did to Rob Ford,because he did not support ( not enough) casinos in the city so they make him media monkey and look at the judge is doing same ,using drugs ,even worst,every one is silent.


If Rob Ford was guilty because of the drug use ,so does judge Lederer.

Canadian judical council is hiding this ,chief of Justice is hiding this.

Justice system is for sale,who ever has enough money to buy,come and invest if you dare!


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