Canadian judicial council

Canadian judicial council is another Goverment establishment to questions Judges and responding complaints  against judges,Is that true?

No it is not,Canadian Judicial Council is advocating judges for complaints,instead of responding and investigating complaint that they are covering up judges,they are not transparent and Canadian judical council is not credible.

Canadian Judicial council’s last cover up is judge Donald Mckenzie from Brampton  superior court of Justice.

CJC must be replaced with civilian members ,there should be no judges, lawyers or anyone related with the Law society  in there ,Ombudsman should be involved with these complaints along with other civilian members.

Dog doesn’t bite dog simple as it is.They are there to suck those complaints from the public and there is no news from that point by publications on their web page name by name.

Why don’t they publish how many judges have been complaint by name,as long as there is no transparency there is no trust and credibility.You could see some of the judges name to show off on their webpage but,realty is ;there are many others covered up and they don’t put their names ,they just close the files with out proper investigation.

Justice system already in corruption and Canadian Judical Council is involved with this corruptions by protecting judges.

Judge Donald Mckenzie bribed by one of the insurance company to help insurance get away from the trial.At the pre trial instead of giving trial date he gave motion date for combining trials into one.

-The insured’s pre trial has been wasted and insured has to wait for a motion date to get the decision combining trials or not.6 more months or more.

That makes the insured suffer more  and benefits only insurance companies and insurance companies wanted this way ,judge obey the insurance companies decisions like a puppet,they are realy puppet just like a Lederer ,Pollack,Mckenzie or Richardson.

These puppets are relax because they have been backed up by Canadian Judical Council no matter what they do or how much money they get from insurance companies as bribery.

Canadian Judicial council members are Judges and they don’t bite those sold out puppets because Canadian Judicial Council is full of puppets,Dogs don’t bite dogs the truth hurts public  and only ordinary citizens are suffering.

Conservatives are in charge of the government and they don’t do anything about these corruptions that means they get their benefits out of this corruptions.

Question;How many politicians are involved with these insurance fraud against public?How many politicians are getting their second payments from insurance companies?just like those insurance puppets judges some politicians specially from  conservatives are involved with these corruption and they are insurance puppets just like Law Society members.(I don’t even mention about Liberals that they are even the worst ,we know this from Ontario government provincial and previous federal government before the conservative government.)

Good for you,we are all stupid not to see this and not to act,eventually this corruptions will turn against your family members ,your grandchildren if not stopped here.You guys are not going to be incharge in the future but corruptions will be there forever to bite your future,this country’s future and you wouldn’t be alive to use your connections or power to stop hurting your family members or your grandchildren.

Every one of us need Justice one day or another day,never know when will you need Justice for your life and when the time comes it will be too late to act,as a matter affect it is already late because they became bone in the system and it is really difficult to get rid-of. Thx to consevatives for bringing corruptions into our life.

Thanks to Harper for acting and involving corruptions along with these members of corruptions,this corruption became another government estabilisment and second government inside the government (just like happened in Italy  once) ,they are assigning judges or appointing judges and wonder how many minister has been appointed by this mafia.


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