Fsco protecting Unica insurance fraud

Here is the story.

After  my no fault accident I claimed benefits from the Unica Insurance 5 years ago and they keep denying every single benefits and did not pay anything to me so far.

My arbitration has been finished October 29 2014,approximately 5 months ago and I brought an issue to arbitration hearing about showing the credibility of the Unica insurance.

According to Unica Insurance I have been paid 10.000$ for one of my benefits which is not correct and at the arbitration I brought this on the table and they accepted that amount hasn’t been paid to me.

This is the arbitration history of this issue.

Now I made a formal complaint against Unica insurance 1 month ago for this fraud to FSCO,gues what happened!

I had a letter from the Unica ombudsman and letter says that issue has been resolved after he or she talked with the arbitrator.

Now questions

1-Who the hell is Unica insurance ombudsman and why he or she wrote letter to me about my complaint because I made my complaint to FSCO,not the Unica ombudsman?

2- Letter says that this amount has been paid to me for another benefits and letter did not clarify which benefit is that?This is another lie because this amounts or any payments is not exist and never paid to me that is why Unica ombudsman did not say which benefits is that because Unica ombudsman  doesn’t even know that , this payment hasn’t been made and they keep their lie about this payment.Preparing fake invoices about this money.

3-Fsco  regulates this insurance bastards and that is why I made my formal complaint to the fsco,and who the hell is Unica insurance ombudsman to decide or dare to make decision related to my complaint?

4-Unica insurance ombudsman says that he has talked with the arbitrator,How come Unica insurance ombudsman can talked with or reach to the arbitrator and I can not?

5-How come Unica insurance ombudsman can resolve the issue instead of FSCO?

6-Since when FSCO is passing their job to the Insurance ombudsmans or insurance companies?

7-Isn’t that odd that my complaint has been resolved by Unica insurance ombudsman because he talked with the arbitrator?

My complaint was about the fraud not for the benefits or arbitration because arbitration is one think,making a complaint against insurance company for fraud another thing.

I brought this issue to the table at the arbitration to show what kind of company is Unica insurance and credibility of the Unica insurance.

Arbitrator has nothing to do with this fraud because it is not in his department or it is not arbitrators job to regulate insurance company.

Arbitrator could only make his decision for the benefits ,arbitrator can not give decision about regulating or enforcing insurance companies for fraud.

Funny thing is,today I have recived a phone call from a lady working on my file and she says issue has been on arbitration and they can not involved with this and she suggested I should go to appeal if the arbitration decision is not right lol!

I told her this has different situation and nothing to do with the arbitration,decision of the arbitration or arbitrator.

I asked her to mail a letter to me that you don’t do your job and put your signature underneath and I keep moving and carry this case in to other platform along with conduct of your job duties.

She basically called me and try to find out if I carry this issue further or not in case if they close the file.

Dare to close the file and you will see what will happened ,why are you calling me if you have decided to close the file.

Anyways here is the another one FSCO involved with the insurance fraud instead of punishing insurance companies,they rather protecting insurance frauds and companies.

Good example to teach every one How things work in here ,and how much  government is involved with corruptions   and how much they involved with  frauds.

Look and learn,FSCO is there to make investigations and enforcement and  what we see the realty another big bullshit from the government corruptions.

I already let you all know that Insurance companies has huge amount of money’s and they buy Judges,politicians or any one they like to buy.

This one is another good example.

(Special thanks for the people who has been fallowing this web page closely from all over the world,Australia,England ,united kingdom other Europe countries,New Zealand  and USA,daily readers are 150 people approximately and this shows how people take serious about any government corruptions and also Thx to British Colombia.)


Re: File Number 20331 We have now completed our review of your complaint against Unica Insurance Inc. regarding your accident benefits claim, received by our office on February 27, 2015. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance, mortgage brokering, loan and trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, co-operative corporations and pension plans in Ontario. To protect consumers and enhance public confidence in the sectors it regulates, FSCO monitors, investigates and when there is non-compliance with legislation and regulations, takes appropriate enforcement action against the sectors it regulates and persons who are illegally engaged in those sectors. Based on the information provided, it does not appear that Unica Insurance Inc. has contravened the Insurance Act or any of its regulations. In Unica Insurance’s email of September 5, 2013, the adjuster has provided an incorrect payout for the Non-Earner Benefit. It appears that the amount listed under “Non-Earner Benefit” was the exact same amount listed under “Cost of Examinations”. Unica Insurance has rectified the clerical error and a revised breakdown of benefits dated October 15, 2014 was sent to you by courier. Unica Insurance has received the arbitration decision on March 9, 2015 and the matter has been resolved.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Sincerely, Jessie Chu Compliance Officer, Market Risk Assessment



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