Trial transcript and missing parts Another cover up.

The Transcript has been arrived finally and took 3 months to receive,there is another corruption of law society and look where insurance companies can reach to cover the mess and cover the mess of drug addict judge Lederer who has no honour.

What are you afraid of ?afraid of my perjury allegation against specialist,afraid of revealing the action of drug addict Judge Lederer in trial  or afraid of insurance mess?

3 months took too long and I congratulate them that they did almost professional job on transcript by cutting here and there but,you can not cover everything no matter what you do because the mess is all over the trial so waste of work.

I was going to publish this transcript but,unfortunately I couldn’t get the original one so I am holding the transcript to be published because now I have to deal with this bullshit to make it correct.

I was wondering why is this took too long to receive the transcript ,now we all know the reason why.

Putting people in stupid position doesn’t make people stupid,this stupitidy is in you to think that way.

Now I paid too much money for this transcript and what I see at the end bullshit,luckily I had notes from the trial and what exactly was spoken at the trial.

Even if I publish this transcript still okey to show people how was the trial but,I rather wait for the correct one to show people the truth.


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