Fsco did not make me surprised about the decision with corruption.

Finally  after 6 months I have received the arbitration decision,decision is not zero like the tort claim but,it doesn’t satisfy me either so,it will be appealed.

I already know this Drug Addict judge lederer was sold so, arbitrator is a lot more easier than the judge ,probably cheaper to buy and there are many examples some of them has been shared here like arbitrator Richardson.

Queston;Arbitrator Robinson how much did you get from UNICA insurance?honestly 50k$ or little more,because they don’t pay you like they paid Lederer 100$k or something ,you don’t worth that much they already know that and you are not a federal judge like Lederer so don’t get upset with that.

Fsco showed one more time what they do and I was expecting that ,court of appeal will deal with that so,no more Fsco.Thx god.

Also I will publish the arbitration hearing as soon as I get the transcript and I know ,I won’t get original transcript but that is ok ,they can not hide everything what ever they cut form here and there.

Unica insurance is head of corruption and only Unica  insurance company has deep connections with government,judges,arbitrators,and members of parliament (some of them).

Thx to Fsco they did not make me fail about you guys ,I already knew Fsco is corrupted  and I  did not fail on my opinions about the Fsco.

By the way people in Ottawa ,this drug addict judge Lederer is now workin in there.i just wanted to let you know,after my complaint they transferred him there but,at least he no longer gives decision by himself any more,so relax lol,drug addict judge sounds extremely funny and his decisions are same absurd.

Canadian judicial council says they will do rehabilitation for  him lol,you sure,because he is worst then animal and he already ate all his brain cells with the drugs,I don’t know if any brain left with this guy to rehabilitate.You can trainee and rehabilitate dogs but,not Lederer.

Good luck every one and thx for readings,this web page is only one to show the reality of law society ,corruption,governments and insurance companies power.


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