Justice of peace another bullshit place from government Old city hall.

JUSTICE OF PEACE ,OIPRD,FSCO,Canadian judicial counsil,collage of psychologist,superior court of Justice ,law society upper Canada,masters,judges,

These places  are not working at all,they are not working for public interest that they are working for their own interest and cover ups.

I went to justice of peace office For perjury doctors to get charged ,guess what happened;Justice of peace has started arguing with me behalf of those perjury doctors,instead of investigating she rather be ignorant.

Justice of peace did not do her job,they are there for nothing ,just to collect their salary sit and make their ass gets bigger.

They really don’t want head ache.

Only places that I am witnessed to do really work and deserve to get their salary is College of Physicians and Surgeons,Ontario Ombudsman ,rest of the places are trash.