David Cass in law society upper Canada to cover up lawyers

This David Cass guy ,he is the one shoulder of the octopus working in law society to cover up lawyers ass,who brought this David guy there and who is he working for for real,how many case has he been covered up and closed so far. David is the biggest sss hole you can ever see and his duty to work for this organization ,like drug addict Lederer or finance minister of Ontario or fsco or justice minister of Canada who has been revealed lately. Ontario in really bad situation ,I don’t know if this organization has any fingers in other provinces but one finger in federal government has been cut off,unfortunately that didn’t finish anything ,if you want to clean up ,clean them all; who ever has been placed and given position in the government,they work long time to set up these people in these places such as LSUC,FSCO,MINISTRIES ,here and  there. Good luck lol.


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