Blacklock law firm ,and nasty slt. Joanne P. Black lock evry1 should know Diffrence between prostidude and Joanne Blacklock

img_1156Joanne Blacklock,Alan Drimer,tort trial

You all know Alan Drimer from my tort trial with judge drug addict Leder.

Alan Drimer was working for Joanne Blacklock and she is a nasty slt. you can ever imagine ,she is the one of them who has been behind the curtain,she is the one who bribed judges and doctors,she is the one who has been connected with this organization,she is the one who has dirty business with insurance companies ,she is the one who has been involved with this judge Lederer.,I have heard that  she was sleeping with judge Lederer and for her  doesn’t matter ,she can sleep with anyone for money and dirty business.

Question is; What is the different between Joanne Blacklock and a prostidude on the street ,one of them working for cheap price ,Joanne blacklock working expensive,

Prostidude sleep with any one who has money ,so does Joanne Blacklock with one diffrence that she is looking for power.

Prostidude sells her body ,Joanne Blacklock sells her soul as well as her body.

Prostidude working without having a diploma from a law school ,Joanne Blacklock has a diploma from a law school so that makes her more expensive prostidude.


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