31 th day I finally received a letter from Unica insurance and their lawyer Harry brown

My response to their letter ,I don’t put letter here you may understand what they say from my response ,letter is bullshit and nothing to do with law so they can not find any reasons for not paying benefits by law.

“I have received the response e-mail letter from Unica insurance ,the law says unless they apply to arbitration with a reason and if the unless arbitrator decides otherwise ,Unica is responsible to pay benefits in 20 days after the arbitration order so ,they failed to do that ,my appeal or charging order against me by my previous lawyer can not be a reason for them not to pay me ,they are blaming me for fraud and this has nothing to do with payment either ,frauds has been done by them and it has been accepted by Ledrose lawyer of the Unica and insurance adjuster at the front of the arbitrator Robinson in arbitration,there is no such a thing like I did Fraud or something,they broke my car at the parking lot ,slushed 4 tires ,broke mirrors ,they put propane tank on top of the hood to treating me to blow me up ,assaulting by insurance people on the street many times so these are real if they want to come to the point who is illegal and who is doing fraud,
By not obeying the order of the arbitrator and law ,they are in illegal position.
I would like fsco to enforce,rules,an punish fsco for such reasons,their lawyer is involved with this illegal action and I will be complaining Brown to LSUC because he involved with this illegality and fraud also not obeying law.
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On Jul 28, 2015, at 9:38 AM, Jessie Chu <Jessie.Chu@fsco.gov.on.ca> wrote:

Good moring Mr. Sahinbay,

I am waiting to receive Unica Insurance’s response at this time.

Thank you.

Jessie Chu, CIP
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Financial Services Commission of Ontario
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There is still no news,are you going to regulate and rules unica insurance?
Are there any punishment for them?
They don’t care law ,arbitrator or fsco so,what is next?

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On Jun 29, 2015, at 10:45 AM, Jessie Chu <Jessie.Chu@fsco.gov.on.ca> wrote:

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Financial services comission of Ontario a.k.a. FSCO a.k.a. Fiasco

What does fsco do,for what reason that place is open and cost Ontario citizens billion dollars.

Fsco is ruled and regulated by insurance companies,supposed to be other way around.

Here is the response letter from FSCO for one of my complaint  letter against UNICA insurance;

(My complaint letter is about the obeying decision of arbitrator,UNICA insurance has failed to do so,should have been obey the decision and send me benefits 2 months ago,they must do within 20 days after the arbitration decision received.)

“Financial Services Commission of Ontario Licensing and Market Conduct Division 5160 Yonge Street, 4th Floor Box 85 Toronto ON M2N 6L9 Enquiries/Renseignements: Toll Free/Sans frais: Fax/Télécopieur: June 29, 2015 Mr. Arif Sahinbay 2335 Lakeshore Blvd West, Unit #214 Toronto Ontario M8V 1B9 Dear Mr. Sahinbay: Re: File Number 22304 Commission des services financiers de l’Ontario Division de la délivrance des permis et de la surveillance des marchés 5160, rue Yonge, 4ième étage, Boîte 85 Toronto ON M2N 6L9 (416) 250 6750 1-800-668-0128 (416) 590-8480

Dear Mr. Sahinbay: Re: File Number 22304

Thank you for your letter of complaint against Unica Insurance regarding your accident benefits claim, received by our office on June 25, 2015. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance, mortgage brokering, loan and trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, co-operative corporations and pension plans in Ontario. To protect consumers and enhance public confidence in the sectors it regulates, FSCO monitors, investigates and when there is non-compliance with legislation and regulations, takes appropriate enforcement action against the sectors it regulates and persons who are illegally engaged in those sectors. FSCO requires that all insurance companies have a complaint handling protocol in place to respond to consumer complaints. Each insurance company has an employee who works as a consumer complaint officer and they are responsible for overseeing the company’s complaint handling process and ensuring that an individual’s complaint is addressed. Once your insurance company has come to a decision on your complaint they will send you a letter outlining their final position.

As your letter did not include a response from the insurance company, I have forwarded your complaint to the following consumer complaint officer:”

“La-Toya Hanchard 7150 Derrycrest Drive, 3rd Floor Mississauga ON L5W 0E5 (905)677-9777 ext. 61220 1-800-676-0967 latoya.hanchard@york-fire.com

By copy of this letter, I have asked the insurance company to review your complaint and to provide you, and FSCO, with their final position letter. You can expect to receive their response within 30 business days of the date of this letter. Please advise us if you are able to resolve your complaint with the company after receiving their response. We will also review the complaint for market conduct practice issues and compliance with the Insurance Act and its regulations. Jessie Chu Compliance Officer, Market Risk Assessment”

As you see FSCO says in 30 days I should receive the answer and 30 days elapsed and I send another e-mail  to Fsco to whoever is handling my complaint file.Here what I said and almost 1 week and no answer from FSCO yet.

Here re is my e-mail and waiting for answer for a week now from the FSCO

“There is still no news,are you going to regulate and rules unica insurance?
Are there any punishment for them?
They don’t care law ,arbitrator or fsco so,what is next?

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> On Jun 29, 2015, at 10:45 AM, Jessie Chu <Jessie.Chu@fsco.gov.on.ca> wrote:”

As you see insurance companies doesn’t care laws ,orders of judges or arbitrators ,they don’t  obey rules and regulations.Wake up people this is your reality,your taxes are going to pay salary of people working in FSCO ,building of FSCO cost to Ontario billions of dollars.

They don’t do their job or can’t and why do they still get paid and what are they doing in those offices.

Why don’t you shutdown FSCO if it doesn’t work anymore.They can’t rule and regulate insurance companies because they have been managed by insurance companies.

//oatleyvigmond.com// claimed they are not crooked

Yesterday I have had meeting with this guys for friend of mine,what I understand from them is ,they are system lawyers  just like others,liers,bullshits same as others,so far I haven’t come and cross any real personal injury lawyer in toronto who does their job honestly ,who doesn’t steal from clients,who is not thief.

oatley vigmont is the top crooked one ,they call themselves number one .never heard any lawyer call themselves number 2 so far,they are really number one from the backside ,they are bubble one and big bubble lol.

Smitiuch injury law ,Michael smitiuch another crooked one

245962E9-9F3C-475D-8D6B-3A1C48B1D5049ACD4948-9125-4EDD-91B5-C4215EFBCFD8AAA7B93E-F1E8-465A-BAD3-BD6E50A2933EE8E2ECAD-15EA-4818-9CAC-95665CEB9D37F4BB87ED-FD72-43EF-A923-184D585C36C621F0DB48-584C-4DA4-915C-1CFB0071767698115FA8-B1C6-414F-8ADF-5F3AA82EA00Esimitiuch injury lawyer Michael smitiuch beware of dog,insurance dog,he has been handling one of my friend case and he screw the case up ,sold out Michael smitiuch was going to  ruin his pre trial for his tort matter ,he already did and waste of pretrial of ab matter and now he turned and try to ruin the tort matter.

He made a deal with the insurance company to put the client money in trust,Smitiuch used his occupational therapist to write a report against his client.His client IRB benefits has been hold for a while illegally by him and insurance company.

If you think about  hiring  him as a personal injury lawyer please don’t ,he is the most fucked up one ,he works for the insurance companies ,he claimed that he goes to trial ,lie,he goes trials once in a while for his friends or family members to make them money ,he never goes and moves his finger for you.

He Is a lier ,doesn’t even worth to listen to him ,he has many bullshits for you to listen.

So he is one of the system lawyer don’t trust him ever.

He is using Luke Hammer for his dirty jobs ,Luke Hammer is his dog ,he is junior Mike smitiuch ,that law firm is a big mess and I don’t know this blood sucker ruined how many disabled people life and how much stole from them ,how many paralised people are  suffering  because  of him and how many injured client has been left on wheel chair with no money because of thief Michael Smitiuch.

Response David Cass about Tripta sood matter

First ,I don’t trust you at all David Cass and I don’t like your works,you just keep closing files without investigation.I don’t like you at all and I already published you once and with this e-mail second time you will be published on my web page.
You have been placed there on purpose ,you are getting your salary from people tax and it bothers me a lot,you should go and work on construction,drive a truck,or clean toilets so you may be deserve to get a salary.You are just a blood sucker on citizens.
1- evidence has been already mailed to you with my original formal complaint ,you are asking me again like you never received it ,you always do that.
2-Explanation why did not file responding materials is ,not your business to ask,it is my option and I don’t have to explain you why ,do not stick your nose into some one else’s or others business,this is not your job to ask and you dare to ask me this question ,who do hell do you think you are that you can ask me this nonsense question.
I told judge and on the endorsement says clearly I did not accept that signatures or forms are mine ,I already told judge that forms has been produced by Tripta and insurance lawyers normal job is ,producing fake papers,destroy doctor reports,bribe judges ,or bribe doctors for perjury,and other dirty insurance business ,if you don’t know ,just learn and consume it.
3-I already provided all the documents.
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