Response David Cass about Tripta sood matter

First ,I don’t trust you at all David Cass and I don’t like your works,you just keep closing files without investigation.I don’t like you at all and I already published you once and with this e-mail second time you will be published on my web page.
You have been placed there on purpose ,you are getting your salary from people tax and it bothers me a lot,you should go and work on construction,drive a truck,or clean toilets so you may be deserve to get a salary.You are just a blood sucker on citizens.
1- evidence has been already mailed to you with my original formal complaint ,you are asking me again like you never received it ,you always do that.
2-Explanation why did not file responding materials is ,not your business to ask,it is my option and I don’t have to explain you why ,do not stick your nose into some one else’s or others business,this is not your job to ask and you dare to ask me this question ,who do hell do you think you are that you can ask me this nonsense question.
I told judge and on the endorsement says clearly I did not accept that signatures or forms are mine ,I already told judge that forms has been produced by Tripta and insurance lawyers normal job is ,producing fake papers,destroy doctor reports,bribe judges ,or bribe doctors for perjury,and other dirty insurance business ,if you don’t know ,just learn and consume it.
3-I already provided all the documents.
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