Smitiuch injury law ,Michael smitiuch another crooked one

245962E9-9F3C-475D-8D6B-3A1C48B1D5049ACD4948-9125-4EDD-91B5-C4215EFBCFD8AAA7B93E-F1E8-465A-BAD3-BD6E50A2933EE8E2ECAD-15EA-4818-9CAC-95665CEB9D37F4BB87ED-FD72-43EF-A923-184D585C36C621F0DB48-584C-4DA4-915C-1CFB0071767698115FA8-B1C6-414F-8ADF-5F3AA82EA00Esimitiuch injury lawyer Michael smitiuch beware of dog,insurance dog,he has been handling one of my friend case and he screw the case up ,sold out Michael smitiuch was going to  ruin his pre trial for his tort matter ,he already did and waste of pretrial of ab matter and now he turned and try to ruin the tort matter.

He made a deal with the insurance company to put the client money in trust,Smitiuch used his occupational therapist to write a report against his client.His client IRB benefits has been hold for a while illegally by him and insurance company.

If you think about  hiring  him as a personal injury lawyer please don’t ,he is the most fucked up one ,he works for the insurance companies ,he claimed that he goes to trial ,lie,he goes trials once in a while for his friends or family members to make them money ,he never goes and moves his finger for you.

He Is a lier ,doesn’t even worth to listen to him ,he has many bullshits for you to listen.

So he is one of the system lawyer don’t trust him ever.

He is using Luke Hammer for his dirty jobs ,Luke Hammer is his dog ,he is junior Mike smitiuch ,that law firm is a big mess and I don’t know this blood sucker ruined how many disabled people life and how much stole from them ,how many paralised people are  suffering  because  of him and how many injured client has been left on wheel chair with no money because of thief Michael Smitiuch.


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