//oatleyvigmond.com// claimed they are not crooked

Yesterday I have had meeting with this guys for friend of mine,what I understand from them is ,they are system lawyers  just like others,liers,bullshits same as others,so far I haven’t come and cross any real personal injury lawyer in toronto who does their job honestly ,who doesn’t steal from clients,who is not thief.

oatley vigmont is the top crooked one ,they call themselves number one .never heard any lawyer call themselves number 2 so far,they are really number one from the backside ,they are bubble one and big bubble lol.


2 thoughts on “//oatleyvigmond.com// claimed they are not crooked”

  1. I know this is the job that we have to go thorough, after all its our profession. But yeah..,everything must be under the bench and in limit. Sometime so much pressure from clients make us to believe that we are right charging more from them. But please don’t call them thief, they aren’t stealing at all.

    1. I wrote what I witnessed,me and my friends are still teasing each other with their word like I am booked next 6 months lol.The most funny part is that I received e-mail from the head of the firm and says that I should stay away from their firm) (I can put that e-mail here and under the vigmont otley head line but I don’t want to open any headline under the name of that company because doesn’t worth.)They did not like to hear when I spoke with them prolly.
      They should stop seeing people fool.To me every single personal injury lawyer or insurance lawyer is same,they are working with insurance lawyers to rip of from injured citizens.They are disgusting, not only them but also who ever part of this dirty business.Fsco ,judges ,LSUC,law clerks etc.
      The Truth hurts,system has to change,I believe insured person don’t have to hire any lawyer and there must be strict tough laws to rule and regulate insurance companies if the try to punish injured(what I see system doesn’t work and FSCO doesn’t work anymore)government should cancel insurer licence to operate their insurance companies if they abuse the system or try to buy off any one.The best one is government should put mandatory insurance under the government insurance system and if people seek more ,then they can optionally go to private insurance companies.I rather pay to government instead of this private insurance companies.

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