Crooked ,bribed judge Irving W. André has been revealed working for the insurance companies, Brampton superior court of Justice

Here is the complaint letter to the Canadian Bullshit Council ,one of my friend has been submitted this complaint letter against a judge who got bribed by insurance company and who has been assigned to the case by the insurance company.As soon as my friend receive response from the Canadian bullshit council I will publish it in this web page.

I am 100% sure that Canadian bullshit council will protect this crooked judge ass.Just like they did to cocaine addict Judge Lederer or judge A. Donald K. MacKenzie or other judges has been mentioned in this web page.

Insurance companies has one or more judges in courthouses and they have been placed there by  the insurance Mafia,to serve insurance companies when needed.

To Canadian Judical Council:

My trial date wasted by this judge Irving W. Andre,in  today motion that has been brought by the insurance company.
Motion subject was combining 2 trials into one that I did not oppose ,motion subject wasn’t adjournment of the trial.
On my pre trial, pre-trial madam justice gave decision about combining 2 trials into one and she gave me the trial date for it.Approximately 2 months ago.
This judge cancel her decision and adjourned trial date there is no date ,I asked him if he is cancelling the decision of the pre-trial judge and he said yes,I asked him if I can get another date he said it is premature to ask that ,after 6 years he was maybe right it is premature to ask, that was his decision .
I am self represent because of my previous lawyers that they sold me to insurance companies and I fired them ,now they bribed this judge to get this nonsense and unfair and bias decision.
Now I am stuck because of him my trial date has been canceled,after 6 years I have got one.
Today motion was add on motion that means judge or room hasn’t been signed yet and I learned there after waiting for a while they assigned or insurance company assigned one judge name is Irving W. Andre.
He said transferring files from one insurance lawyer to another one takes time and he said about undertaking which one was on the yesterday motion and motion decision i did and I was agree to get those undertakings what ever is listed and I already got those documents and sending them tomorrow by mail.
Now January 2016 trial decision has been made by the pre trial madam Justice and she was the one who told combining trial into one and she considered transfering files before she gave that trial  date.
What I have seen today ,the judge was sold out unfortunately and disgusting  situation because my pre-trial has been wasted  before by another judge and I made a complaint to you for this issue ,now it is happening second time and this judge is cancelling pre-trial judge decision and adjourned trial without giving any new date.
First this add on motion smells bad ,who assigned that judge to my motion and second what I have seen is judge has been bribed and happy with the insurance companie money by putting me in stupid position and that way he put himself in that position ,and other thing is motion book and subject wasn’t say anything about adjournment trial so I did not know that,I learned there in the hearing and I wasn’t ready for this kind of argument or decision.Insurance lawyer told to the pre-trial judge that they are not ready for the trial after 6 years and I said I am ready after 6 years waiting so pre-trial judge considered about waiting 6 years,before she gave the trial date.
As a self represent I can not get Justice against insurance companies because they have too much money to spend for judges ,lawyers,doctors.
This is a shame for Canada and my friend is going to publish this disgusting situation in his web page ,he was witnessed what happened today and he was in the hearing.
Well done.Congratulations.You ruined another citizen life,good job proud of yourself please as a judge,you showed me your real face now, I will show your real face all over the world.

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I have received final decisions for my complaints and what I see is; don’t even bother to make a complaint ,same like LSUC(law society upper Canada) or FSCO,they are doing nothing besides cover up doctors ass,one of their decision is that I have no permanent damages lol if not why am I  still suffering for pain and after 6 years I am thinking about back surgery ,I did not want that before and  now,it is getting worst,if damages are not permanent then send me another MRI after 4 years and let’s see the result if damages are still there or not.No you wouldn’t do that because you are lying.

As long as those significant damages are there after 6 years and if it is not permanent why am I still suffering  oh sorry you maybe feels myself more then me.

What I suggestion people .stop working ,fuk it ,work for who and pay your tax for these bastards salary for what ,for giving you hard time.They don’t care you or care any one else,for long time what I have witnessed  in 6 years ,people covering up their colleagues in every single complaint that I have made so far.

Doctors don’t worry do what ever you do or lawyers or judges or police officer ,nothing  will be happened to you at the end ,you will be covered up very well so,keep fucking people ,maybe people deserve this because they are like a sheep and you guys are shepherd.

Keep Fucking citizen no worries ,tomorrow some one else will fuck your children or your grand children ,circle is endless; today you have power tomorrow someone else has power to do same thing your family.

The Truth ,good luck with everyone.I will keep writing in here as long as I see or witness of any illegality and this web page will stay open forever,you are maybe winner and gave me one single damage but,this web page will be giving damages to you, more then I have got from you,and giving you damage  nonestop.Here is the endless circle.

Take this web page and stick it in your ass,judges,lawyers ,doctors ,police officers or others.