The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is the …

I have received final decisions for my complaints and what I see is; don’t even bother to make a complaint ,same like LSUC(law society upper Canada) or FSCO,they are doing nothing besides cover up doctors ass,one of their decision is that I have no permanent damages lol if not why am I  still suffering for pain and after 6 years I am thinking about back surgery ,I did not want that before and  now,it is getting worst,if damages are not permanent then send me another MRI after 4 years and let’s see the result if damages are still there or not.No you wouldn’t do that because you are lying.

As long as those significant damages are there after 6 years and if it is not permanent why am I still suffering  oh sorry you maybe feels myself more then me.

What I suggestion people .stop working ,fuk it ,work for who and pay your tax for these bastards salary for what ,for giving you hard time.They don’t care you or care any one else,for long time what I have witnessed  in 6 years ,people covering up their colleagues in every single complaint that I have made so far.

Doctors don’t worry do what ever you do or lawyers or judges or police officer ,nothing  will be happened to you at the end ,you will be covered up very well so,keep fucking people ,maybe people deserve this because they are like a sheep and you guys are shepherd.

Keep Fucking citizen no worries ,tomorrow some one else will fuck your children or your grand children ,circle is endless; today you have power tomorrow someone else has power to do same thing your family.

The Truth ,good luck with everyone.I will keep writing in here as long as I see or witness of any illegality and this web page will stay open forever,you are maybe winner and gave me one single damage but,this web page will be giving damages to you, more then I have got from you,and giving you damage  nonestop.Here is the endless circle.

Take this web page and stick it in your ass,judges,lawyers ,doctors ,police officers or others.


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