Crooked bribed judge Irving w. Andrea Canadian bullshit judical council try to cover up

To Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and seniour general counsel ,A.K.A. Cover up judge ass.
I have received your mail about my complaint against the judge.
My complaint wasn’t about the decision of that bribed judge,bribery is a serious offence and you can not take it as a speculation,this judge over ruled other judge decision favour to the insurance side,he was very nice to the insurance lawyers and wasn’t nice to me at all,he did not even listen to me,if you show this case to a little child ,that child can understand that this judge has a big issue ,judge is too old to do his job,his brain cells already dead,the way of processing of trial was wrong.He needs a capacity assessment.
I am neither police nor investigator,I write what I witness.Rest is government job to investigate who gave money to judge ,who assigned cases to this specific judges in courthouses ,these are well organized crimes from well organized people.Like a chain reaction to start from courthouse clerks that they are in this organization from the bottom part.This courthouse workers ,clerks or what ever they are ,who is leading this specific files to specific judges,that is how they work and what I am witnessed is the small part of it.
Now I am expecting from you to do your job and do proper investigation,it is not my job and I don’t have to proof anything,motion hearing proofs bribery by itself.
Stop covering judges.
This letter will be published in one of the web page name called” sikerpum”


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