Attorney general,Divisional court ,court of appeal,judicial review,staff are in payroll of insurance companies

How much do they get paid from insurance companies,is money coming as a gift in the envelope or are there any other way to pay them off like Christmas gift.Insuarance companies pay those court staff verywell,cash flows.
I was at the divisional court for my judicial review file last week and asked status of the file ,they told me that they haven’t received factum and affidavits! sure they lied,probably they erased files from the system.Factum and affidavits has been filed with transcripts and some how transcripts are there rest unknown.
Divisional court staff got their order from the insurance company that they are working for these companies,to get rid of those files that has been served and filed months ago.
This is the another realty of Justice system what I have witnessed.Court clerk name was Samanta if she did not lie to me about her name.She is the one who told me this bullshit about my file.
Probably those factum and affidavits are lost not only from the system but also from the file.
I just wonder how much did they get paid for this action and how many self represented has been witnessed this discrimination.
Insurance have all kind of dirty business,criminal action and illegality that they are using any one for their dirty jobs,they use judges,court staff,lawyers.
Luckily I have those documents in electronic version and will be printed up and served again.
I lost time and money for their action and witnessed another illegality to be able to show you all.
True justice system ,what does Attorney general do,if there is one.I will tell you what do they do,nothing ,big nothing,they keep collecting their salary from taxpayers to serve and protect the right of big companies against taxpayers.Most likely this companies are paying more and that is why that they are serving this companies very well,good job Attorney general,keep up like this,keep fucking citizens ver y well,I am happy to see your realty and and happy to show this reality to all over the world.


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