Another FSCO story of fiasco

One more proof FSCO has been ruled and regulated by insurance companies.


Here how does fsco response for a legimate complaint against insurance  illegal action.


Dear Mr. Ozdemir, Re: File Number 23462 We have now completed our review of your complaint against Economical Mutual Insurance Company that we received on September 3, 2015. This letter is also to respond to your Insurance Business Activity Complaint Form that was received by FSCO on March 18, 2016. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance, mortgage brokering, loan and trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, co-operative corporations and pension plans in Ontario. To protect consumers and enhance public confidence in the sectors it regulates, FSCO monitors, investigates and when there is non-compliance with legislation and regulations, takes appropriate enforcement action against the sectors it regulates and persons who are illegally engaged in those sectors. As mentioned in our letter to you of October 5, 2015, FSCO received evidence that the matter would be heard in a motion that was scheduled with the Ontario Superior Cour of Justice on Thursday October 8, 2015 at 10 AM. It appears that your address has changed since your original submission. In your complaint that was received by our office on March 18, 2016, you state that “my legal action hasn’t been finalized still going on at the Brampton Superior Court of Justice.” /…2

FSCO does not comment on – or interfere in any way with – a legal proceeding that is underway. There is no evidence to suggest that the company is not adhering to a ruling of the Court. If there is evidence of this, we recommend that you refer to Court documents with regard to how this can be addressed. You may also wish to contact your legal council in this regard, as required. Given the information above, we have closed our file accordingly. Sincerely, Michael Manella, BA, CIP Compliance Officer cc: Christina Piperakis, Complaint Officer, Economical Mutual Insurance Company

answer for this cover up is this:

My legal action against insurance has been going on related to insurance benefits.
This issue has nothing to do with insurance benefits,now stop putting me in a stupid position,you already know what I am talking about.
You are not interfering anything,I have been declared CAT and insurance responsibility to make those payments for the expenses .
No w only option left to me to make a complaint against FSCO to Ontario Ombudsman by not doing your job and this will publish on one of the web page to show the world what FSCO means and what does FSCO do for consumers.
Simply you are annoying but nothing else,waste of time and you don’t do your job.
Who is paying your salary Is it insurance ,well insurance feeds you very well I am sure about it so stop collecting your salary and get your payments direct from the insurance only.
I am sick and tired of this FSCO protecting and working for the insurance only.
Collecting evidence against FSCO is involving this insurance frauds and at the end FSCO will be face with a law suit.
Thx for doing nothing but sitting and collecting your salary and protecting insurance companies also crushing citizens very well.



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