Ontario’s Wynne shifts in the right direction on political donations

The insurance companies have already got what ever they needed fromthe provincial government , many laws have been passed for the insurance side,now we all know the reason why liberals are bringing new donation rules to the political parties .liberals dirty business help a lot banks and insurance to get away with their illegal actions against insured.I am not even counting how did they sold the fair trial rights of citizens,shame on you liberals,Political parties has to get help from government only,otherwise you count every single penny as a bribery,how many citizens you guys left on the wheel chairs and paralised with out letting them to get money from insurance companies,you liberals sucked enough blood from citizens and now you are suddenly make your move on to right path,Hypocracy is in your blood Wynne,dirty liberals.You worked with Conservatives for long time to serve and protect cooperations ,banks ,insurance companies and you were getting order from them ,because of conservatives in federal government ,judges have been assigned for insurance companies and insurance companies directed conservatives in federal to select certain judges to be assign at the superior courts of Justice.
Now we all now how insurance rules and regulates courts,politicians and FSCO.They pay good money to parties under donations ,money to politicians under the table as a bribery so that is how they manage government and government organizations or establishments.That is why insurance lawyers dare to give orders to judges or arbitrators.
Asking dirty liberals in provincial government about their last action for donations would clear them all from bribery and being a puppets of banks who are owner of most insurance companies.
Liberals government act with conservatives in federal and they both get directions and orders form banks and or insurance companies to act behalf of them ,to make certain assignments for them.Being a puppets of insurance companies or banks are in this politicians blood to act crime against citizens.
Liberals in provincial government is guilty as much as Harper’s conservatives.


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