Private prosecution particulars have been filled out against 2 criminal lawyers Scotiabank related




Economical insurance and Unica insurance(Scotiabank) lawyers face with criminal charges.Harry Brown Unica insurance lawyer related to Scotiabank ,Tripta Sood Economical insurance lawyer.These two criminals are just a small face of the reality in Canadian law society and Insurance illegal action and insurance fraud against citizens.

Fraud is in the Canadian  court system ,that is how Justice  works,Judges Use cochaine and receive bribe to crush citizens , lawyers and judges are criminals ,serving and working for insurance companies and they worship money ,real criminals are out side.

Judge Tomas Lederer Under the influence of cochaine managed my trial,3 days I had to listen and deal with that drug addict Judge ,poor me ,these judges and lawyers are real criminals in Canada.

Who wants to make any investment in a country with corruption in Justice system?

Government should face with them Instead of covering scandals.

Lederer was talking about some 30 years ago at the hearing of my trial ,I am still laughing at him ,he and other judges thinks that we are all left behind and live in some 30 years ago.Wake up idiots,people are using technology and internet,no one is left behind 30 years ago like Judge Lederer does.

I blame Govenment of Canada for this corruption,govenment shouldn’t have covered judge Lederer ass  a year ago,now my fight won’t stop because of the government. I had to deal with  that drug addict judge for 3 days and listened his bulshit 3 days and a year later 3 appeal judges

(Appeal court

Justice John Laskin

Justice Sarah Pepall

Justice David Brown)

covered Judge Lederer action and decision.

Peter McCay was in Conservative party and he was minister of justice that time ,probably he resigned because of this situation  Scotiabank dirty organization was preparing for him to be a next prime minister after Harper and head of Conservative party.

Here is the question find out why did Peter McCay suddenly resigned from his duty as a justice minister a year ago?His resignation did not change anything,this cancer is all over the Justice system,from court clerks to chief of Justice,every single level of the Canadian court system I have been witnessed to the corruption.






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