Judge Laurence A. Pattillo Divisional court Scotiabank related

imageimageThere was a motion hearing on April 17 th 2016 at the divisional court Toronto,I was against criminal Scotiabank’s Unica insurance lawyer Harry Brown.What I understand from that hearing and tort appeal hearing;diffrent judge result won’t change once the case is sold out.Judge has bridged privacy of a person and his child privacy by letting the third  party access the informations  , medical reports etc.of a Person and family of a person ,including his child information that international laws are binding for children privacy so that judge has no right to give such a decision to bridge privacy of children(UN laws).Judge made discriminations by giving criminal lawyer words a credit and he did not give any credit neither my words nor the Documents that I have showed and proofed to the judge,Judge  did not obey the Canadian judicial council principles of the self represent litigants.Judge committed crime.

Conclusion;there is a pool system at the divisional court.

Once the case sold out ,each case has certain price, money comes to the pool and shared by judges so, doesn’t matter which judge you or I or another citizen face at the divisional court, doesn’t change the result of that trial as long as case (file number of the case)is sold out.The result of the hearings,never change whether you have a lawyer or 10 lawyers representing you or you are self represent litigant.Every single appeal trial ,motions or judicial review has different price,it depends how complicated how much case worth and if the trial goes normal,success rate of the individual case.
That is how price changes for each type of case.

Canadian bullshit council letter is below of this arcticle, as you see nothing new,another cover up and bullshit,simple letter that try to make or show complicated.The letter basically says that they asked judges and judges say this and that,I already know that,where is your investigations?Beside talking and asking judge ,have you listened to the record of the hearing? Big no ,they just asked judges and what ever judges say so.


1-How many safe box in how many Canadian banks belong to those 3 individual judges.
2-How many trip that they have done in last 5 years?where did they travel,how many bank accounts or safe deposit box or property those individual judges have in foreign countries.
3-How many property do they own in Canada and how many safe box do they have in their house.
4-How much assets does this individual have in their family.
5-Asking same questions to their family or close relatives.
6-what kind of pool system do judges use in divisional court and how do they share the money that money comes to the pool.

Personal and Confidential

Judicial Council

Conseil canadien de la magistrature

Ottawa, Ontario K1 A OW8

Mr Arif Sahinbay
214-2335 Lakeshore Blvd West Toronto, ON M8V 1B9

By email: arif_sahinbay@hotmail.com

Dear Mr Sahinbay:

CJC File: 16-0073;15-0376 (14-0488; 14-0489)

16 May 2016

I am in receipt of your correspondence dated 29 April 2016, in which you complain against the Honourable John I. Laskin, the Honourable Sarah E. Pepall and the Honourable David
M. Brown of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

In your letter, you accuse the judges of misapprehending the evidence provided by your counsel on the errors committed by the trial judge in the consideration of your case. Consequently, you accuse the judges of fraud and bribery and you allege a reasonable apprehension of bias. You request a proper investigation.
As noted in the Court of Appeal’s decision in your case, the judges reviewed the transcript of the proceedings and concluded that the trial judge had conducted a fair trial. The Court also rejected your lawyer’s argument that counsel for the respondent was obliged to do more in the circumstances.

The role of appeal judges is to review the case to determine whether the trial judge
committed a clear and overriding error. In the absence of such, appeal judges will not
review the evidence at trial as it is not part of their mandate to assess this evidence. That is for the trial judge. Similarly, Council will not review the decisions made by a judge on appeal or otherwise. Determining whether the trial judge conducted a fair trial falls squarely within the appeal judges’ decision-making authority and does not constitute an issue of judicial conduct.. Moreover, your allegations of fraud and bribery, in and of


themselves, are not sufficient to engage the Council’s judicial conduct review process. A complaint must provide a valid and rational factual basis that concerns the conduct of a judge before a meaningful review can be done.

Even in the case of a legitimate complaint about the conduct of a judge, the findings of the Council will not affect in any way the outcome of a case. Nor will it result in the reversal of a court decision. Council has no authority to review a judicial decision, however wrong you believe it is.

You also raise the issue of bias. I must advise you that impartiality is key to the judicial process and is presumed. As noted by the Supreme Court of Canada, this presumption of impartiality carries considerable weight, and the law does not easily evoke the possibility of bias in a judge, whose authority depends upon that presumption. The burden of proving partiality is high. The person who alleges bias must be in a position to demonstrate the real or apparent lack of impartiality of the judge. This requires credible evidence and cannot rest on a mere allegation, as is the case here.
I regret the difficulties you have been facing. However, as you will appreciate, Council has no authority to intervene in legal proceedings. Upon considering your correspondence and my duty under Section 4.1 of the Review Procedures of the Council, I have come to the conclusion that your complaint does not warrant consideration. Accordingly, I will be taking no further action.

Yours sincerely,

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel

As you see they are expecting me to find a evidence for bribe,this is not a citizen job to find such evidence ,cash money is not easy to fallow, unless otherwise government make  proper investigations.

I am neither police nor investigator,this is the conclusion that I have come to after 6 years of battle with this dirty Scotiabank Unica insurance and corrupted Justice sytem.

This is a civil justice and related every single country in every single business who wants to invest in Canada or who let Canadian companies  to invest in their country.With  such a corruption that they have created in Canada,they have certain way and strategy to do same thing in other countries.

Any country want to invite or let the Canadian companies  involve in any business In their country,those countries must focus on corruption that Canadian banks or companies might crate corruption  and conflict to the sytem of that country.

Simple way to say is ,just be careful and fallow closely actions of any Canadian companies or banks that they migh attempt to create corruption in your own country.They have experience and tools to use,plus many strategy that they have develop in many years.

I am giving  my 6 years experience for free of charge to the World for dealing with strategy of Canadian banks and companies,Canadian banks and companies are expert and professional  for such dirty actions and create dirty relations with the authority of countries.

They are involve with politics and politicians in a country where do they seek to pray on,next step is Justice sytem after the politicians.

Here is simple and valuable warning to the embassies and governments of countries to watch out closely to action of Canadian banks and companies in their country.






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