Criminal organization of Scotiabank’s Unica Insurance puppets crooked judge Susan C. MacLean,Laurance A. Pattillo

imageJustice Horkins has exception in this hearing,he was the only normal judge out of this 2.How ever Horkins is one of the pool member.

Seeking justice in Canadian Justice system against Scotiabank criminal organization  is another bullshit,there is an appeal process and they don’t let you use this Appeal rights of citizens against insurance companies.They do interpret the law however they like.

Conclusion is;I can not seek justice in appeal court for the arbitrator decision so,I can not use Judicial review to seek justice for the arbitrator decision.Wtf????

Patillo is well known guy who is  sold out Judge as I Published an article in this blog recently.

Susan C.MacLean has no diffrence then Pattillo,same crooked,diffrent judge.

Anyways,in divisional court Toronto has pool system and this hearing was another proof of the pool system.

After 3 hours hearing,they concluded that they have no jurisdiction over Arbitrator decision.”What ,really”lol,after 3 hours they suddenly realized that they can not make judgement over Arbitrator decision.

Previous judge Sanderson from the same court ruled that I can seek judicial review after exhausting with arbitration appeal.I did and I am done with arbitration appeal,turned back to the judicial review and this puppets above has decided that they have no jurisdiction over arbitrator decision after 3 hours normal hearing.

I appealed the decision in appeal court and seek justice from Judicial review and I have right to do that.The criminal organization of Scotiabank’s Unica insurance  paid to the pool one more time in divisional court Toronto very well.

That one was good teatre.And those 2 puppets crooked judge Susan and crooked judge Pattillo did good job for the insurance side by ignoring and taking away my appeal right to seek justice.

Now where is Justice in Canada as long as you have no appeal right.Scotiabank rules and regulate Canada,they create new laws by using this puppet judges against citizens.

Scotiabank’s criminal organization governs ,rules and regulate Canada.Other then Scotiabank there is no authority in Canada,even new Justin Tredue Liberal government  can not do anything against this dirty Scotiabank organization,after many warnings nothing has been  changed.

Here is the real Canadian Justice system,how Canada ruled and regulated by criminal organization of Scotiabank to show and proof to the world.

Here is my complaint letter against those 3 individuals  to Canadian Bullshit Council (a.k.a. Canadaian judicial council)

Judicial review for appealing arbitrator decision of Scotiabank’s  Unica insurance
After 3 hours hearing suddenly this judges have concluded that they have no jurisdiction over Arbitrator decision.How ever judge A.J.Sanderson ruled that I can apply judicial review after the arbitration appeal process exhausted, then I finished my appeal process in arbitration and applied to judicial review,after 3 hours normal hearing they suddenly realized 
that they have no jurisdiction over arbitrator decision,They simply took my right to appeal away from me ,therefor  they committed crime against human rights ,they abused the court process and they ignored Canadaian judicial council principles against self represent litigants.(I had previous complaint against Judge Pattillo and you guys ignored that complaint.)

My Accusation against these individuals :
They committed crime by involving criminal organization of Scotiabank’Unica insurance ,using pool sytem to share bribe at divisional court,took away citizens justice rights ,committed crime against human rights,misleading justice,fraud,bribery,abusing court process, ignoring principles of Canadian judicial council for self represent litigants,taking away citizens appeal rights.

“Note:This complaint will be shared with Members of Parliament as well as on my blog to share with the UN/Mofas(ministry of foreign affairs of countries/embassies of countries,economists ,investors,newspapers,public interest groups,human rights groups.”

Here is the link where I share this complaint letter.


criminal Canadian government Scotiabank , Federal Liberals or Ontario’s crooked liberal Kathleen Wynne

What  does justice minister do?how about Canadian Parliament?

Show me any difference from this government and the previous one?

I am not even asking anything about the Canadian bullshit council lol. (a.k.a. Canadian judicial council.)I know that they are doing bullshit nothing more nothing less)).

Legal criminal Justin Trudeau is nothing but the puppet of the Scotiabank.Pool system is build up in courts to share bribe,drug addict judges.Nothing has been changed,they keep cover up.

Scotiabank’s criminal organization has build up many levels in Canadian system ,if one fails, other ones replaces it; let’s say you make a formal complaint against insurance doctors,you have to go to college of physicians and surgeons of Ontario,once they cover that Doctor up then you have to go to Appeal and review board,they claim that they are independent from any organization but who believes that ,they get straight order from the dirty Wynne.

Just like judges,they must be independent but,so far I haven’t seen any judges are independent except Judge Lemon from the Brampton superior court of Justice ,rest of them  trash  and they have  no relation with law nor they are independent,as a matter effect they are dependant of money and Scotiabank, where they get order from.The  real criminals are judges in Canada.These judges are federal judge so they are representing federal laws and government.That is the reason Canada is a criminal country.Court hoses are full of Legal criminals.

The dirty Wynne  is serving very well to the Criminal Scotiabank as a servant member of the Scotiabank criminal organization .

Health  profession appeal and review board are getting direct and straight order from the Wynne,just like college of physician and surgeons of Ontario does.They do  know how to cover up the doctors who works for  the insurance companies.

Kathleen Wynne is one of the selected enemy of Canadians and humans, yes Wynne is unhuman creature.Anyways she or he what ever it is,Wynne  doesn’t look like anything.

Kathleen Wynne’s  Liberals are keep running Ontario government ,I don’t see any difference between this Crooked dirty Kathleen Wynne and Stephen Harper.Wynne has been placed to serve and protect Harper’s left over and carry on Harper’s legacy in Ontario by protecting criminals and by involving  with criminal activities against human rights.

What does Federal Trudeau liberal party do about dirty Wynne?Trudeau  is well aware of who Wynne is ,what does Wynne do and how much  this dirty Wynne is involved with all kind of frauds,bribery and crime against human rights.

Trudeau doesn’t do anything about Wynne,however  he is well aware of Wynne,that makes  Trudeau is guilty as much as Wynne does and  Trudeau is involved with this fraud and crime against human rights by doing nothing against Wynne.

Who knows maybe Trudeau wasn’t ready for that position as conservatives say so.Trudeau must start doing something about this mess in the country instead travelling here and there to beg investments to Canada.

No one invest anything to Canada as long as there is no law and corrupted Justice system is in charge with criminal Judges who serves and protect the interest of the Scotiabank.

Wynne is the most crooked and dirty  politician, every one can ever imagine.

Trudeau should know one think,Trudeau himself is nothing but a puppet,criminal Scotiabank and Scotiabank criminal organization is In charge in Canada.




Harper’s resignation doesn’t change anything,I saw the same theatre Peter MacCay resignation

Let’s Remember! who was Peter McCay and who is Stephen Harper;

Peter MacCay was a ministry of Justice and member of the parliament from Harper’s govenment.Harper was the prime minister,he was head of the Conservative party and now, he is just a member of the parliament.

Last week Harper declared that he would resign from parliment and he is quitting  politics from the  parliment level.

Now let’s go back to Peter McCay who was Harper’s justice minister.

After this  judge Thomas Lederer Cochaine scandal,Peter MacCay resigned from the parliament,scandal was covered up from the public.Peter McCay resignation didn’t change anything ,Nothing has been changed in this corruption system in Law Society,same people are in place and corruption has been going on.

Harper’s resignation wouldn’t change anything as long as they keep those Harper’s left overs in charge of here and there.

For 10 years Harper was in power under the Scotiabank’s dirty organization.Harper was a puppet under the Scotiabank,the puppet Harper was doing or assigning what ever the dirty organization asked for or let’s say ordered for .Harper and his government was only a shadow.This Scotiabank organization has used this power very well for their benefits,for 10 years Scotiabank organization has put their servant in every single level of the government to protect their interests and cover the organization’s dirty business.

As I see now or I have been seeing for 6 years ,Scotiabank organization servants have been placed in law society to corrupt Justice system and they did this  very well,judges acting like criminals along with lawyers and they are sure that they have protection what ever illegal action that they have done.(cochaine addict judge Thomas Lederer is not the only example but the best cover up I have witnessed)

If the new government ,liberals, thinks that they are clear and they are not involved with this corruption that they should revealed who has been covered up over 10 years instead forcing or making Harper to resign.

Harper resignation is another cover up and by resignation they can’t hide any dirty actions that they have done over 10 years.

Harper was only a puppet along with his government and just obeyed the order that they have got form the Scotiabank organizations.


“Canadian government against citizens”

Members of the Canadian parliament has chosen  their side by illegal organization that has been lead by the Scotiabank.

3 Judges have given illegal decision for protecting Cochaine addict judge Lederer judgement illegal decision.

Lets make a logical conclusion over this situation; Canadian government is involved with this illegal organization and dirty Canadian government is attacking innocent citizens by choosing their side against Canadian citizens.

judges wouldn’t involve such illegality unless otherwise they get some words from the government of Canada for protection and of course with out receiving bribe from the insurance company.

Just like the Lederer who has been pulled to Ottawa for 6 months then government has covered the judge ass and put the drug addict back to work.

That sounds like government of Canada is a Scotiabank and government is governed by Scotiabank.

So far I haven’t seen anything from liberals or anything has been revealed by liberals,Canadian government must be transparent.


Scotiabank Unica insurance criminal lawyer Harry Brown

imageCriminal Harry  Brown ass has been covered today hearing,just like economical insurance criminal lawyer Tripta Sood’s.

Clown was the same guy name called David Boulet and he was send there like there was no crown left and David Boulett is the only one.

Clown David was there again to protect insurance lawyer and I don’t know how much did they pay him for his services.

JP.was madam Anstey pretend like she was doing fair hearing but,at the beginning it was clear that they would not charge or proceed this criminal trial against those lawyers no matter what criminal action has been done by those 2 criminal insurance lawyers.

There are more then one charge against Harry Brown and JP has decided to go after one charge only “forgery”and that wasn’t even my complaint,my complaint was uttering forge document ,so wasn’t forgery by itself.Uttering forged documents  is diffrent then forgery.

Harry Brown has committed crime by using those documents,whether he forged this document or not.Using those documents as an evidence is a crime and misleading Justice is crime as well.Here is the what criminal  laws applies.

Criminal Code Offences

Making false document.

(2) Making a false document includes (a) altering a genuine document in any material part; (b) making a material addition to a genuine document or adding to it a false date, attestation, seal or other thing that is material; or (c) making a material alteration in a genuine document by erasure, obliteration, removal or in any other way. (3) Forgery is complete as soon as a document is made… (4) Forgery is complete notwithstanding that the false document is incomplete …

367. Every one who commits forgery (a) … liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or (b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Uttering forged document

368. (1) Every one who, knowing that a document is forged, (a) uses, deals with or acts on it, or (b) causes or attempts to cause any person to use, deal with or act on it, as if the document were genuine, (c) … liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or (d) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

(2) For the purposes of proceedings under this section, the place where a document was forged is not material.

Fabricating evidence

137 Every one who, with intent to mislead, fabricates anything with intent that it shall be used as evidence in a judicial proceeding, existing or proposed, by any means other than perjury or incitement to perjury is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 125.


This time teather was little better but result was not going to change anyways and I knew this from the Tripta Sood hearing 2 days ago.

If those accused weren’t lawyer and let say they were ordinary citizens,what would have happened to them,I assure Clown  and JP would have done everything to get them charged. I believe no one is above the law and no one should be.