Harper’s resignation doesn’t change anything,I saw the same theatre Peter MacCay resignation

Let’s Remember! who was Peter McCay and who is Stephen Harper;

Peter MacCay was a ministry of Justice and member of the parliament from Harper’s govenment.Harper was the prime minister,he was head of the Conservative party and now, he is just a member of the parliament.

Last week Harper declared that he would resign from parliment and he is quitting  politics from the  parliment level.

Now let’s go back to Peter McCay who was Harper’s justice minister.

After this  judge Thomas Lederer Cochaine scandal,Peter MacCay resigned from the parliament,scandal was covered up from the public.Peter McCay resignation didn’t change anything ,Nothing has been changed in this corruption system in Law Society,same people are in place and corruption has been going on.

Harper’s resignation wouldn’t change anything as long as they keep those Harper’s left overs in charge of here and there.

For 10 years Harper was in power under the Scotiabank’s dirty organization.Harper was a puppet under the Scotiabank,the puppet Harper was doing or assigning what ever the dirty organization asked for or let’s say ordered for .Harper and his government was only a shadow.This Scotiabank organization has used this power very well for their benefits,for 10 years Scotiabank organization has put their servant in every single level of the government to protect their interests and cover the organization’s dirty business.

As I see now or I have been seeing for 6 years ,Scotiabank organization servants have been placed in law society to corrupt Justice system and they did this  very well,judges acting like criminals along with lawyers and they are sure that they have protection what ever illegal action that they have done.(cochaine addict judge Thomas Lederer is not the only example but the best cover up I have witnessed)

If the new government ,liberals, thinks that they are clear and they are not involved with this corruption that they should revealed who has been covered up over 10 years instead forcing or making Harper to resign.

Harper resignation is another cover up and by resignation they can’t hide any dirty actions that they have done over 10 years.

Harper was only a puppet along with his government and just obeyed the order that they have got form the Scotiabank organizations.


“Canadian government against citizens”

Members of the Canadian parliament has chosen  their side by illegal organization that has been lead by the Scotiabank.

3 Judges have given illegal decision for protecting Cochaine addict judge Lederer judgement illegal decision.

Lets make a logical conclusion over this situation; Canadian government is involved with this illegal organization and dirty Canadian government is attacking innocent citizens by choosing their side against Canadian citizens.

judges wouldn’t involve such illegality unless otherwise they get some words from the government of Canada for protection and of course with out receiving bribe from the insurance company.

Just like the Lederer who has been pulled to Ottawa for 6 months then government has covered the judge ass and put the drug addict back to work.

That sounds like government of Canada is a Scotiabank and government is governed by Scotiabank.

So far I haven’t seen anything from liberals or anything has been revealed by liberals,Canadian government must be transparent.



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