criminal Canadian government Scotiabank , Federal Liberals or Ontario’s crooked liberal Kathleen Wynne

What  does justice minister do?how about Canadian Parliament?

Show me any difference from this government and the previous one?

I am not even asking anything about the Canadian bullshit council lol. (a.k.a. Canadian judicial council.)I know that they are doing bullshit nothing more nothing less)).

Legal criminal Justin Trudeau is nothing but the puppet of the Scotiabank.Pool system is build up in courts to share bribe,drug addict judges.Nothing has been changed,they keep cover up.

Scotiabank’s criminal organization has build up many levels in Canadian system ,if one fails, other ones replaces it; let’s say you make a formal complaint against insurance doctors,you have to go to college of physicians and surgeons of Ontario,once they cover that Doctor up then you have to go to Appeal and review board,they claim that they are independent from any organization but who believes that ,they get straight order from the dirty Wynne.

Just like judges,they must be independent but,so far I haven’t seen any judges are independent except Judge Lemon from the Brampton superior court of Justice ,rest of them  trash  and they have  no relation with law nor they are independent,as a matter effect they are dependant of money and Scotiabank, where they get order from.The  real criminals are judges in Canada.These judges are federal judge so they are representing federal laws and government.That is the reason Canada is a criminal country.Court hoses are full of Legal criminals.

The dirty Wynne  is serving very well to the Criminal Scotiabank as a servant member of the Scotiabank criminal organization .

Health  profession appeal and review board are getting direct and straight order from the Wynne,just like college of physician and surgeons of Ontario does.They do  know how to cover up the doctors who works for  the insurance companies.

Kathleen Wynne is one of the selected enemy of Canadians and humans, yes Wynne is unhuman creature.Anyways she or he what ever it is,Wynne  doesn’t look like anything.

Kathleen Wynne’s  Liberals are keep running Ontario government ,I don’t see any difference between this Crooked dirty Kathleen Wynne and Stephen Harper.Wynne has been placed to serve and protect Harper’s left over and carry on Harper’s legacy in Ontario by protecting criminals and by involving  with criminal activities against human rights.

What does Federal Trudeau liberal party do about dirty Wynne?Trudeau  is well aware of who Wynne is ,what does Wynne do and how much  this dirty Wynne is involved with all kind of frauds,bribery and crime against human rights.

Trudeau doesn’t do anything about Wynne,however  he is well aware of Wynne,that makes  Trudeau is guilty as much as Wynne does and  Trudeau is involved with this fraud and crime against human rights by doing nothing against Wynne.

Who knows maybe Trudeau wasn’t ready for that position as conservatives say so.Trudeau must start doing something about this mess in the country instead travelling here and there to beg investments to Canada.

No one invest anything to Canada as long as there is no law and corrupted Justice system is in charge with criminal Judges who serves and protect the interest of the Scotiabank.

Wynne is the most crooked and dirty  politician, every one can ever imagine.

Trudeau should know one think,Trudeau himself is nothing but a puppet,criminal Scotiabank and Scotiabank criminal organization is In charge in Canada.





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