Criminal organization of Scotiabank’s Unica Insurance puppets crooked judge Susan C. MacLean,Laurance A. Pattillo

imageJustice Horkins has exception in this hearing,he was the only normal judge out of this 2.How ever Horkins is one of the pool member.

Seeking justice in Canadian Justice system against Scotiabank criminal organization  is another bullshit,there is an appeal process and they don’t let you use this Appeal rights of citizens against insurance companies.They do interpret the law however they like.

Conclusion is;I can not seek justice in appeal court for the arbitrator decision so,I can not use Judicial review to seek justice for the arbitrator decision.Wtf????

Patillo is well known guy who is  sold out Judge as I Published an article in this blog recently.

Susan C.MacLean has no diffrence then Pattillo,same crooked,diffrent judge.

Anyways,in divisional court Toronto has pool system and this hearing was another proof of the pool system.

After 3 hours hearing,they concluded that they have no jurisdiction over Arbitrator decision.”What ,really”lol,after 3 hours they suddenly realized that they can not make judgement over Arbitrator decision.

Previous judge Sanderson from the same court ruled that I can seek judicial review after exhausting with arbitration appeal.I did and I am done with arbitration appeal,turned back to the judicial review and this puppets above has decided that they have no jurisdiction over arbitrator decision after 3 hours normal hearing.

I appealed the decision in appeal court and seek justice from Judicial review and I have right to do that.The criminal organization of Scotiabank’s Unica insurance  paid to the pool one more time in divisional court Toronto very well.

That one was good teatre.And those 2 puppets crooked judge Susan and crooked judge Pattillo did good job for the insurance side by ignoring and taking away my appeal right to seek justice.

Now where is Justice in Canada as long as you have no appeal right.Scotiabank rules and regulate Canada,they create new laws by using this puppet judges against citizens.

Scotiabank’s criminal organization governs ,rules and regulate Canada.Other then Scotiabank there is no authority in Canada,even new Justin Tredue Liberal government  can not do anything against this dirty Scotiabank organization,after many warnings nothing has been  changed.

Here is the real Canadian Justice system,how Canada ruled and regulated by criminal organization of Scotiabank to show and proof to the world.

Here is my complaint letter against those 3 individuals  to Canadian Bullshit Council (a.k.a. Canadaian judicial council)

Judicial review for appealing arbitrator decision of Scotiabank’s  Unica insurance
After 3 hours hearing suddenly this judges have concluded that they have no jurisdiction over Arbitrator decision.How ever judge A.J.Sanderson ruled that I can apply judicial review after the arbitration appeal process exhausted, then I finished my appeal process in arbitration and applied to judicial review,after 3 hours normal hearing they suddenly realized 
that they have no jurisdiction over arbitrator decision,They simply took my right to appeal away from me ,therefor  they committed crime against human rights ,they abused the court process and they ignored Canadaian judicial council principles against self represent litigants.(I had previous complaint against Judge Pattillo and you guys ignored that complaint.)

My Accusation against these individuals :
They committed crime by involving criminal organization of Scotiabank’Unica insurance ,using pool sytem to share bribe at divisional court,took away citizens justice rights ,committed crime against human rights,misleading justice,fraud,bribery,abusing court process, ignoring principles of Canadian judicial council for self represent litigants,taking away citizens appeal rights.

“Note:This complaint will be shared with Members of Parliament as well as on my blog to share with the UN/Mofas(ministry of foreign affairs of countries/embassies of countries,economists ,investors,newspapers,public interest groups,human rights groups.”

Here is the link where I share this complaint letter.


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