Insurance crooked Psychologist James Murray from York university and Konstantine zakzanis from University of Toronto

These 2 individual Have been covered up by college of psychologist of Ontario then I took their case to the health professions appeal and  review board.Insurance paid and protected their ass by using their political relation from sold out Ontario liberals.

Those 2 physiologist are working for the insurance companies and they have sold their soul to money comes from insurance companies.

They called themselves professors lol,they are crooked individuals write any reports as long as you pay them well and pay them cash under the table.That is the way they work.

Just watch  out those 2 for their  future actions,universities shouldn’t let these people work for them.



Canadian superior court of Justice,,What???what a bull…

Utopia; for 6 years I haven’t seen any single action from the judges in Canadian courts.Sold out judges are getting paid cash bribe  by companies,money goes to the island offshore accounts.

Do they expect people to believe what the law and law society is supposed to be? or what law and law society are in real?

Judges reality in this blog written very well ,I am behind all the single accusation with proofs,in Canada law and law society is a big mess,pool system in courthouse to shares bribes.

Scotiabank (owner of RBC Royal bank , Unica insurance,owner of Canadian politicians and judges,owner of Financial services commission of Ontario FSCO) behind this illegal organization.

Even if you try to make a complaint ,your complaint goes to their another organization ,that means garbic in garbic out ,endless circle.

Here is another bulshit from the member of the Canadian bullshit council a.k.a. Canadian judicial council.

Do all the members of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association truly believe and attempt to meet the standards set out on their association’s webpage? They should.

“Our laws embody the basic moral values of our society. They impose limits on the conduct of individuals in order to promote the greater good and to make our communities safe places to live. It is against the law to steal, to injure another person, to drive recklessly or to pollute the environment, to name just a few of the countless ways the law is designed to protect us. We are said to be ruled by law, not by those who enforce the law or wield government power. No one in Canada is above the law. Everyone, no matter how wealthy or how powerful they are, must obey the law or face the consequences.”

“Court decisions are based on what the law says and what the evidence proves; there is no place in the courts for suspicion, bias or favouritism. This is why justice is often symbolized as a blindfolded figure balancing a set of scales, oblivious to anything that could detract from the pursuit of an outcome that is just and fair.”

“Despite their independence, judges are accountable for their actions and decisions. Hearings, trials and rulings are open to public scrutiny, so justice is seen to be done and citizens and the media can discuss and criticize the work of the courts.”

Canadian Superior Court Judges Association

Here is the cover up of the clown attorney David Boulet

1-What he says that this is the civil matter and has to be completed in civil proceeding first,what??

The law says for the perjury and forgery to mislead Justice ,prepare forge documents is a crime whenever forge documents occurred ,clear way is this; if you make a fake money (counterfeit)  law doesn’t apply when u use this counterfeit money to somewhere ,the law says crime occurs whenever this money is prepared,or let’s give other example ;you are cooking drug somewhere ,law doesn’t applies when you sell or use this drug ,law applies and the crime occur when you make or cook that drug.

2- The individual says that ,they need a court order to listen to the record ,if need it just get it ,it is your job and if it is neccessary to get the the proper investigation,this is not an excuse.

3-Justice Emery motion has no relation with this criminal matter,his decision was against the lawyer.

4-These 2 Justice of puppets are also under investigation because of same accusation ,they did not do their job properly ,they also protect those criminal lawyers by approaching and processing the criminal matters,those Justice of puppets can not be example or can not cover up the one mistake because they are part of the same mistake.If they jump from balcony ,clown attorney should jump too?.. What ??? this doesn’t make sense at all.What kind of Aristo Tales logic is this lol.

after all your letter is far away from satisfaction and putting a citizen in stupid position to believe this bullshits.

you covered up clown attorney David Boulet ass with nonsense  words.

MAG CLD Response – MC-2016-3743

Dear Mr. Sahinbay:

I am in receipt of your correspondence sent on May 30th 2016 to the MAG Webmaster account where you indicate you would like to make complaint to the Attorney General against Assistant Crown Attorney David Boulet. I am Counsel to the Director of Crown Operations for the Toronto Region, Mr. Andrew Locke. Mr. Locke supervises all Assistant Crown Attorneys who work out of the various courthouses in the City of Toronto, including those who work out of the downtown courthouse. As such, I have been asked to investigate and respond to your correspondence.

I have reviewed your concerns outlined in your May 30th correspondence as well as reviewed your blog. Your primary concern is that Mr. Boulet proceeded in the manner that he did in order to protect individuals since they were lawyers that you were attempting to have a private information laid for charges of perjury.

I can assure you that this was not the case. In essence similar factual allegations were before Justice of the Peace Quamina on May 30th 2016 and Justice of the Peace Anstey on June 1st 2016 and both came to the same conclusion — that process should not be issued. These are matters that are more properly first dealt with in civil court before a pre-enquette should be even be considered. I am confident that the status of the parties as lawyers did not affect Mr. Boulet’s exercise of discretion and that he conducted himself appropriately in these proceedings. In making this determination, I taken into account the findings of Justice Emery of the Superior Court of Justice in Brampton that influenced Mr. Boulet’s decision.

I am aware that you specifically request that I listen to the digital recording of what transpired. However, you should know that given this was a pre-enquette hearing where process was not issued, a court order is required to access the recording. After a review of this matter, I do not believe this is an appropriate case to request such an order.

I thank you for taking the time to write.

Yours truly,

[Original Signed by]

L. Jacek
Office of the Director of Crown Operations

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