Canadian superior court of Justice,,What???what a bull…

Utopia; for 6 years I haven’t seen any single action from the judges in Canadian courts.Sold out judges are getting paid cash bribe  by companies,money goes to the island offshore accounts.

Do they expect people to believe what the law and law society is supposed to be? or what law and law society are in real?

Judges reality in this blog written very well ,I am behind all the single accusation with proofs,in Canada law and law society is a big mess,pool system in courthouse to shares bribes.

Scotiabank (owner of RBC Royal bank , Unica insurance,owner of Canadian politicians and judges,owner of Financial services commission of Ontario FSCO) behind this illegal organization.

Even if you try to make a complaint ,your complaint goes to their another organization ,that means garbic in garbic out ,endless circle.

Here is another bulshit from the member of the Canadian bullshit council a.k.a. Canadian judicial council.

Do all the members of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association truly believe and attempt to meet the standards set out on their association’s webpage? They should.

“Our laws embody the basic moral values of our society. They impose limits on the conduct of individuals in order to promote the greater good and to make our communities safe places to live. It is against the law to steal, to injure another person, to drive recklessly or to pollute the environment, to name just a few of the countless ways the law is designed to protect us. We are said to be ruled by law, not by those who enforce the law or wield government power. No one in Canada is above the law. Everyone, no matter how wealthy or how powerful they are, must obey the law or face the consequences.”

“Court decisions are based on what the law says and what the evidence proves; there is no place in the courts for suspicion, bias or favouritism. This is why justice is often symbolized as a blindfolded figure balancing a set of scales, oblivious to anything that could detract from the pursuit of an outcome that is just and fair.”

“Despite their independence, judges are accountable for their actions and decisions. Hearings, trials and rulings are open to public scrutiny, so justice is seen to be done and citizens and the media can discuss and criticize the work of the courts.”

Canadian Superior Court Judges Association


3 thoughts on “Canadian superior court of Justice,,What???what a bull…”

  1. Corruption in Canada, particularly Ontario judicial system is rampant. The law society of Upper Canada is involved, lawyers, judges and politicians. Dont bother with them the system is only a fascade. I won a case against a lawyer and three years later it has been dismissed and my court award $$ obsolved. The statute of limitations in Ontario is two years. I had one case against a gangster dismissed because it exceeded this limitation period. But the lawyer I sucessfully sued could on a motion dismiss a three year old TRIAL HE LOST this past june. I could go on about FSCO, after 6 years doing nothing, but claiming their investigating these gangsters ( A mortgage broker and lawyer in cahoots who robbed me) . The fucking Courts and system in the past 6 years were more brutal than the criminals that robed me. The LSUC refuses to pay compensation dispite trust funds being stolen. They disbarred the crooked lawyer then both they and the cops laid no charges against the gangster. Look its a complete fucking gangster system in Ontario courts. I can prove everything with documents ! After being jerked arround by these gangsters and the courts for the past 6 years I have no more belief in the Canadian justice system ( Oh, – gangster protection system). So after my experience, I would believe anything. You can count on more justice from the mafia than the Ontario legal establishment, HA!

    1. I would like to share
      this story on this blog,LSUC is a criminal organisation ,acting like a mafia,judges are part of it,this is the reason I opened this blog to share every single story with the world to show the truth,please don’t hasitate to share any lawyer,judge name or any response letter you have received from LSUC and Fsco,we will see who’s is the owner of this country them or us,elites or ordinary citizens,politicians are afraid of touching this organisation ,this Mafia organisation is huge and powerful.
      Political parties that they have been in charge so far are puppets of this Mafia organisation.I let the Ottawa knows what is going on and Ottawa hasn’t done anything against this criminals,that means Ottawa is backing criminals and acting with them.Profits are shared by this politicians,I just wonder how many politicians have bank accounts
      in of shore.Lets be transparent and share this information with the citizens of this country unless there is nothing to hide.

  2. The Federal Courts are not any better, sorry to advise you. I have self litigated several cases myself over 6 years duration in futility due to being robbed by a mortgage broker and lawyer in cahoots. Very few lawyers in Ontario will litigate against another lawyer, because if they do they go on the law society “BLACK LIST” so they will not break rank.
    So you can not get a lawyer with few exceptions to represent you.

    When you go to Court your lawyer and the opposing sides lawyer are often in contact in Ontario behind your back. That is common practice. I have heard stories of how other peoples lawyer over a private lunch decide the outcome of cases, without their clients knowledge, sometimes against their client !

    I fired one of my lawyers and got my documents back from him, and found emails of the two lawyers discussing who, they were going to get to be the judge; -how’ s that for corruption !

    Also in Ontario many judges are also practicing lawyers with an additional legal office and private practice. Imagine the judge is also a private lawyer ! – How’ s that for conflict of interest ? This is a publicly verifiable fact, if anyone doubts it.

    More of their DIRTY CORRUPT SECRETS:
    In one case, I had a Jewish lawyer representing the opposing party in that case, who I later found out belonged to the same Synagogue as the JUDGE. I lost that one with thousands of dollars in costs and punitive damages I had to pay to the opposing party. OH also; That same opposing lawyer also sat on the board of Directors of certain Jewish children’s charities along with – perhaps you guessed it; – THE FUCKING CORRUPT JUDGE ! So what chance did I have of impartiality or a fair trial ? – That’s Ontario Courts !

    The Law Society disbars lawyers often for criminal crimes, but that’s it. Lawyers can rob the public for millions of dollars and their only punishment if caught is they can no longer be lawyers; Anyone else goes to jail.

    Oh man; – I could go on about their crimes and political interference. What ever you think about how corrupt the court system particularly in Ontario is; rest assured it’s far worse and more corrupt than you think going up to the highest levels of government with their tentacles.

    Changes in parenting laws to allow equal parenting (CHILD CUSTODY) where blockaded by the Canadian Federation of Law Societies. Canadians and children be dammed was their attitude. These child custody cases make billions for the legal industry (LAWYERS & JUDGES). Also all that corruption is hidden in secret trials so the rest of society knows nothing about that scam. The reason they say is to protect the children. Funny how this also protects the lawyers and government. This goes back to government handing kids over to pedophile run orphanages and schools in Canada. The lawyers and Judges also make Billions of dollars for their industry / BUSINESS of lawyering. That’s why this countries families are so messed up and nobody wants children anymore because of what these gangsters have done to parental and family rights. Oh yea lets be distracted we live in paradise; only gay and minority rights matter more than everyone’s children.

    Federal Court is no better, I sued a company in federal Court a corporation. Won the case and was awarded only 1,000.00 Dollars for a multimillion dollar lawsuit. The judge made no mention of my evidence such as a forensic auditors report proving CRIMINAL ACTIONS by the opposing party. Whole bodies of documents where never cited in the judges decision in a cover up of the trial evidence.

    Sorry to tell you Sir, but Canada is a very corrupt cess pool of gangsters country.

    Remember this is the land where a Prime Minister can take a $250,000.00 cash bribe while in office, and when caught pay the taxes on the criminal bribe, and nobody takes a second look, even though its all over the media .

    The law in Canada is not a rule for society, it is an OPTION FOR THOSE IN POWER.

    Their all in cahoots, so best of luck with this gangster system, there is no FBI here.

    The people of Canada HA ! -IDIOTS !

    They are complacent fools, have been bought off with government welfare, most of them are on the take also.

    So as a Canadian your expected to, – keep quiet and sit in the corner and be a good little boy : ( .

    OH yea, the media Ha ha ha ha ha !

    – Their about as impartial as the mother of a criminal on trial.

    So the question is, what are the chances for an hones man. It would start with a decimal then many, many zeros. Canada is a fascist gangster state, that’s the facts.

    I could add so much more, but what’s the point;

    Sir, I rest my case.

    By their actions we can judge them.
    The fish rots from the head.

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