Unica insurance is removing Arbitrator Robinson and assigning their arbitrator to my case.Scandall.

(I made my complaint to the Ontario ombudsman to rule and regulate fsco if they think they have more power then the  insurance company.)
* Please indicate which of the following your complaint is about: Provincial government
* What organization is your complaint about? (Please identify by name): Fsco arbitration unit
* First Name: Arif
* Last Name: Sahinbay

This is the letter that I have received from the Arbitrator Robinson today,as you see on this letter , the insurance company gave order to the Fsco to remove arbitrator Robinson from my file,insurance are assigning or removing arbitrators to the cases  just like they assigned  the sold out judge Thomas Lederer(he is a drug addict) on my case from the superior court of Justice, 2 days before the trial some how judge has changed on my tort trial.

Insurance companies are  in charge of everything by assigning judges to the cases at courts or arbitrators at fsco.They became government, as a matter effect insurance is in charge of governments.
I want arbitrator Robinson to stay on my file.
Most likely insurance is going to put some of their people on my file at fsco  to bring my case to zero.Probably , there is a well known arbitrator name called arbitrator David Evans who is working for the insurance company at Fsco.
Unfortunately they put too much pressure on arbitrator Robinson to make him remove himself from my file because arbitrator Robinson stays unbiased and maybe the only honest Arbitrator at Fsco.

Arbitrator Robinson doesn’t get any order from any one,he is an independent arbitrator that is why they don’t want arbitrator Robinson to stay on my file ,senior arbitrator Macey is one of the insurance puppet who has been placed at Fsco to serve and protect insurance interest just like the arbitrator David Evans.
I have a letter previously send by the insurance lawyer Harry Brown ,the letter was telling to the arbitrator Robinson to remove himself and David Evans to be in charge in this case,upon request I can provide this e-mail and along with the arbitrator Robinson letter as a response to Harry Brown request.
As you see; fsco is nothing but a  big fiasco ,I have been telling this for many years and I have many  proves  now ,the last one is the arbitrator Robinson letter that I have submitted to you in the link.
Unica Insurance company is paying very well to every one and make them work for the insurance side,there is no law in Canada.
Insurance companies are bribing provincial government Kathleen Wynne and made her their puppet .Ontario provincial government is only working for their pocket to make them selves richer,they receive bribes from this billion dollars company.
This letter will be shared with MPs because they are responsible for this provincial mess,and also this will be shared on my blog worldwide Ministry of foreign affairs ,embassies ,government of other countries,newspapers,magazines,human rights groups world wide ,world wide activist,economist ,universities around the world etc.
Here is the link of my blog where this article will be shared by e-mail to 3600 people one by one (establishments or governments or embassies or ministry of foreign affairs etc.)


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