(HPARB)Health professions appeal and review board “Insurance doctors are covered up again”

Stanley Debow insurance Doctor,Sukhinder Bhangu MD,Insurance Doctor Sunu Liao,Cameron Bruce Paitich,Jeffrey Wyndow,

Those individiuals are insurance puppets ,they sold their licence to the insurance companies,their credibility is zero,please read my Tor transcript in this blog and see how theese doctors testify against me and against reality,they committed crime for perjury,3 MRI ,1 X-ray ,means nothing to them.Even if you are paralised or loose your legs ,they would say this guy is perfect and nothing wrong with that,still breathing so he is fine,government gave them a licence and they are using their licence for insurance company side ,where is your Hypocracy.Insurance backed them and protect their doctors when the comint started ,as you see in this article collage covered them up one by one then HPARB covered them up one by one,Cathleen whynne is behind this corruptions and cover ups,Ontario liberals are mess.Imsurance companies bribes and feed them very well.

Again let’s investigate their of shore bank account,the way they clear money.Still waiting from Justin tredue to show us how transparent his federal government.



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