Unica insurance,Fsco fiasco vs I am (ordinary citizen) the last round

img_1030This piece of shit Unica insurance animal is Harry Brown

Here is the last e-mail communications between me,Fsco and Unica insurance puppet lawyer Hairy Harry Brown.


From:Harry Brown

to:ashaf seife

cc:David Evans,Arif Sahinbay,Radhana Singh

On Sep 29, 2016, at 4:37 PM, Harry Brown <hpbrown@brownandpartners.ca> wrote:

As you are aware, Unica filed an Application for a Variation/Revocation Hearing from the decision of Arbitrator Robinson dated March 9 2015 on Dec 16 2015.
Director Delegate Evans had refused to extend to the plaintiff the timeline to appeal by his Order dated Dec 7 2015.
FSCO’s acknowledgement was dated Jan 5 2016.
Unfortunately, Unica’s Application could not proceed as Mr Sahinbay initiated a second Application for Judicial Review on which was provided to Arbitrator Robinson on March 4 2016 and which was ultimately dismissed by the Divisional Court by a written decision on June 16 2016.
On March 21 2016, Arbitrator Robinson’s letter indicated that he continued to be seized of this matter notwithstanding Mr Sahinbays allegations of bias against Arbitrator Robinson in materials filed before Director Delegate Evans(the Appeal) as well as in both Applications for Judicial Review.
There are several other letters from my office indicating that FSCO should proceed with the Variation since ‘on a practical basis Mr Sahinbay has probably a zero chance of success in overturning Mr Evans exercise in his discretion.
Onor about July 22 2016, a further communication was sent to Arbitrator Robinson again requesting that he proceed with the Variation/Revocation Proceding.
In those communications, I advised that Mr Sahinbay was requesting payment of various claims ordered to be paid in the original Decision.
I advised that likely the preliminary issue for the Arbitrator was whether or not the insurer would be entitled to a stay of the original Decision ‎and set forth the insurers position.
For some unknown reason, Arbitrator Robinson mistakenly thought that the documents provided for the ‘stay argument’ were confidential ‎documents pertaining to ‘settlement discussions’…..unfortunately, Arbitrator Robinson completely misinterpreted the documents and their purpose.
In any event, my client has not heard from FSCO regarding this ‘mess’.
This case involves serious issues of fraud and Unica is urgently awaiting the appointment of the Arbitrator asap.

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From:Arif Sahinbay

To:Harry Brown

cc:Ashaf Seife,David Evans,Radhana Singh,Sabina Korktchan

Brown! ,Hairy Harry Brown,Unica dog,Puppet of the insurance company ,good servant;

This is your mess that has been created with fsco ,arbitrator Robinson’s letter has shown and revealed the truth,this piece of shit David Evans guy is the one of them at the fsco who is a sold out puppet. David Evans sold his soul to the Insurance money and who has been getting paid by the Unica insurance ,fraud belongs to the Unica insurance and you are only.
You can not go further with forged documents,I would like to remind you ,private particular prosecutions against you has been filled and served to the Justice of peace and case is not closed there yet.I will provide them more information with your fraud and Unica insurance fraud ,forged documents and perjury.
My fight will continue with you and with this mess and organizations that you guys are working for until I die.
It will hurt Canada ,Canadian businesses ,international reputation of Canada,by revealing the truth nothing but the truth about the Canadian justice system ,human rights in Canada,insurance fraud against Canadian citizens,bribery of law society,cochaine addict judges who are serving only Insurance companies and getting order from the insurance companies,judge assignments to the cases by insurance companies.
No one needs an ambalaj country.
Here is the link of my article related the mess you have created.Your judges are on this article have been revealed.Look careful on those s holes pictures.


Here is the link of te Arbitratir Robinson letter


Fsco is a fiasco,I figured that out long time ago and that is why I choose to go to the judicial review instead of fsco appeal,I already knew that David Evans kind of guys are too many at fsco.
I am happy to tried my appeal to the judicial review instead of Fsco arbitration,that is how I revealed the pool system at the divisional court of Justice Judges.
The pool system How do they share insurance money,I am happy that how you bribe those judges along with David Evans kinds.

Approximately you have spend 2 million dollars for this case and only way to hide that much cash is using Scotia bank and Royal bank of Canada ,those 2 banks are clearing those cash bribes flows and those 2 banks are owner of Unica insurance.
Now think twice whose mess is this.

Arbitrator Robinson is the only honest Arbitrator at Fsco and his letter is the reference how much pressure that you have put on him and how he left the case.
Arbitrator Robinson letter shows and proofs what I have been telling for years.

Brown ; your bullshit accusations are so naive and premature for fraud,now who is making fraud.
Anyways this case will have an international foot for the human rights and Arbitrator Robinson letter is a valuable source.
I am already in contact with American law firms that they want to take the case to open a law suits against Canada ,soon or later you will see this,if I say something I always do,probably you have been figured that out already.

Let’s see if your money,power,pressure and your puppet David Evans would be enough for you to bring my case to the zero.
I am requesting from Fsco to finalize this as soon as possible.
You ,This S hole David Evans guy ,Unica insurance ,LSUC,Canadian (bullshit)judicial council,Scotiabank’s power means nothing to me.

Because I truly see you and those animals’s ( that I mentioned above) real face and disgusting natures.

Sold out Fsco fiasco ,dare to bring this case to zero ,I am challenging with you Senior Arbitrator Macey ,David Evans or the God you believe.
I am challenging you all s holes.
You do what you can do ,I will do what I can do.

Note:As usual this comminication will be shared on my web page.

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2 thoughts on “Unica insurance,Fsco fiasco vs I am (ordinary citizen) the last round”

  1. The reason why no one comes to my door is because the crooked government along with organized crime is paying big bucks to silence me indicating my story is huge. Perhaps I should start naming names and links to the government including crooked law enforcement. Lets keep watching the money being wasted as the story can’t be silenced. My story links to your story Arif. In fact Donald Best Paul Manning and all posters online link together . Yes big bucks are involved to silence whistle blowers . The difference now is the internet and courageous people airing evidence names . Yes they can use electronic harassment and steal all your stuff with espionage spying but they can’t cut out your tongue or fingers. Arif pleaecwrite up your story and hand it out to everyday citizens going to work sitting on the subway etc. and include links to Donald Best Paul Manning and others. Canadian citizens need to read it first hand from someone just like them struggling to work while the corrupted scam us.

  2. I love the picture of the lawyer showing. If only people knew what these puppets really do behind that suit or scene.

    to my 24 7 monitors and fans lets go to Dairy Queen and have a buster bar. smile for the camera …now what do you think 24 7 monitoring by mobsters cockroaches parasites actually accomplishes. not much just a loss of money . to my real fans and protectors we can go to McDonalds and have a sundae with a cherry on top!!!

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