Another complaint to puppet of the Cathelen Wynne’s Ombudman who has Zero credibility.

Reashme” Is the name of the new case admin of my file at Fsco and I have spoken with her today on the phone at 10:15 am October 7-2016

I want ombudsman to confirm the name of the new arbitrator and how long will it take to finalize my case.Since 2010 I have been waiting for this case to be finalized.

Fsco is delaying Justice,arbitrator should have been assigned to my case long time ago ,I struggled to get answer today and they told me ,new arbitrator is Arbitrator King,at first they said no arbitrator assigned yet ,after 2 minutes of argument over the phone ,they told me the new arbitrator name.
I don’t trust if this is right or wrong ,I don’t trust Fsco anymore.I want ombudsman to do their job instead of being puppet of the Cathleen Wynne.
FSCO is delaying Justice for about a year now ,delaying Justice means that they are not doing their job properly.I want my case to be finalized as soon as possible.
My case has first opened there in 2010 now it is 2016 and I am still dealing with this bullshit.Fsco is working for the insurance company ,not for the citizens.
The last time one of your stuff closed my file inappropriate way.I just wonder what will happened this time ,if the new ombudsman will do his Job or not.
This complaint will be published on my web page along with your response ,just like I did the last one.Here is the link of my article about my last complaint to the ombudsman

As an Ombudsman ,your credibility is zero.We are looking for real ombudsman just like the previous one.
Again your response will be published on the same web page under new article.

Ombudsman response:started waiting


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