Who should we blame for this mess?

1-Citizens,because they don’t question anything.
2-Provincial government,because they are the one who is behind this mess and corruption as a puppet of the real organization that they are the boss of everything.
3- Government of Canada,because they don’t move their finger or they don’t have enough power to do anything.
4-all of the above
Answers is 4 all of the above
1-We should blame the citizens,because they are so naive to believe and not questioning the title of others who are in power(judges,lawyers,politicians,prime minister,professors,doctors etc,) ,not questioning the system that has been created to protect only the people of the organization.
2-we should blame the Provincial government,because they are the one who is being puppet of the organization and serving the organization verywell as a good servant.(look at the Rob Ford who has been murdered by the organization ,just because he did not support enough casino in Toronto,organization has plugged him out and made him media monkey at first by drug video then poisoned him to become cancer.This is just a small example of what do they capable of)
3- Federal government because ,they are the one who assigned judges that working for the organization to manipulate law and system for the organization interest.Specially previous government ,Harper’s conservatives did place the people of this organization in to the every single level of the government.I can see these people In every single level of the government that they are ready to take order to cover up ,deny , ignore and manipulate.
My last step is against the Canadian federal government to human rights council,not the commission in here Ottawa,council in Switzerland UN human rights head office for the discrimination of ordinary citizens rights under the human rights laws.



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