Another complaint to “cjs”about unica insurance’s judge Irving Andre Brampton superior court of Justice

Erol ozdemir has made a complaint against insurance crooked judge Irving

1I have told the  judge at the beginning of the hearing that I have a previous complaint against him and I don’t want him to hear this case ,I requested from him adjournment and want different judge to hear this case.
He deny my request so he made a discrimination because I was self represent at the hearing.on the Decision this request hasn’t been mentioned.
2-Before the hearing Canadian judicial council principles for the self represent litigants booklet has been given him. I told him that he did not obey these principles at the last hearing.What I see he did not obey those principles again,
As we all see from his decision ,opposite sides lawyers bold accusations has been marked down and according the decisions it is like I have never spoken at the hearing.That means he did made a discrimination by not putting my words and proofs against those bold accusations on the decision.
3-At the hearing I requested trial date from this judge ,what I see on the decison my request has been ignored and it is like not even heard.There is nothing mentioned about my request.
Therefore this judge considered and listened insurance lawyers and as a citizen I have been 100% discriminated.It was like they did this hearing with out me.
4-This hearing has been set up by the insurance company and judge assigned by the insurance company ,this motion has been previously adjourned by different judge for looking at the materials,He is the one who supposed to  heard this case as a judge ,unfortunately I came cross with judge Andre some how ,what a consequence.That shows this hearing was set up hearing and insurance assigned this judge to the hearing.
5- chief of Justice is guilty for not doing his/her job by assigning judges to the cases.that means Chief of Justice also involved with this criminal activities or bribery.
Judge Andre credibility is zero and I don’t want this insurance judge on my trials or motions anymore,if see him again ,CJC council will be responsible and shared his criminal activities with the judge.
I know you are going to cover this judge and Chief of Justice again ,the reason I am making this complaint is a formality and will be shared on a web page belongs to friend of mine to show the reality how much fraud is going on with all of you.


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