Crooked Hughes Amy’s llp,insurance lawyers,their bullshit accusations on their blog and my e mail to them

img_1163 img_1164 img_1165 img_1166 img_1167 img_1168Where 2 insureds claim to have provided attendant care to each other for 2 different accidents, Ont. Super. Ct. orders one of the SABS insurers to produce its surveillance and investigation to the other SABS insurer
Posted in Accident Benefits | Automobile Coverage | Insurance | CaseLaw
Author Michael S. Teitelbaum

In Ozdemir v. Economical Mutual Insurance Group, a SABS action for a November 2009 mva, Ontario Superior Court Justice André ordered (a) non-party Unica Insurance Inc. to provide Economical with complete copies of all hearing exhibits from a 2014 FSCO arbitration between Arif Sahinbay and Unica within 30 days, and of all of Unica’s surveillance and investigation within 30 days, and (b) that the plaintiff attend a further examination for discovery on a mutually agreed date within 90 days.

Previous Blawg posts on the Sahinbay action are pasted below.

This is their article on their blog ,new insurance Ass hole is Michael S.Teutelbaum.

My e-mai is here:

I am giving you a day to clean that article from your blog,If you don’t ,I will publish your company and that ass hole on my blog and believe me ,my followers a lot more then yours,do not put lie and publish on your blog with out proofs.
Accusation and research is my profession and I assure I will regret you just because putting this nonsense accusation on your blog ,interfering ongoing lawsuit doesn’t give you any benefits. Plus I will keep making my complaints against you all over.
Now ass hole your turn.

I also send them this link about this bullshits

and this link

For them to look and read.

they insisted keeping this article and that made me to publish this.

Otherwise they are worthless lawyers and lawfirm to even responding to their article.





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