Requesting an international observer from ODHIR

As a self represent litigant I am afraid I will be discriminated on my arbitration hearing,therefore I am requesting from you to send some one from your organization to present at the hearing.
Hearing is going to be on March 7-8-2017 5169 Yonge street 14th floor Toronto /Ontario /Canada,
The hearing will be also related to human rights violation against me,I have a previous complaint against FSCO and Canadian government to the Human right council Geneva Switzerland ,here is the link of my complaint.
I don’t trust any of these arbitrators or fsco ,since they are sold out to the insurance company.
Here is the other link how do they use their power to even assign or remove arbitrators.These criminal organization became government in Canada.
There are many other examples of human rights violations on my blog.
UNICA insurance is the head of corruptions.they have been backed up by Scotiabank and Royal bank,Scotia bank is the owner of UNICA insurance and Royal bank Canada,that is how they can cover cash bribes to the judges or politicians.
I even tried appeal court 2 times and what I found out is they are worse then superior courts,they have a pool system to share the bribes.
At the superior court ;individual judges are sold out,Chief of Justice are getting their share by assigning sold out judges to the certain cases.
As you will be witness when you read my blog that I made many complaints against this criminal organizations to the prime minister ,member of parliaments,Canadian judicial council,attorney general Canada, attorney general Ontario,justice minister etc.
What I found out is they are either part of this organization or they have no power or they are afraid of standing against this criminal organization.
I even made complaint and filled up private prosecution particulars front of the Justice of peace against 2 insurance lawyers and unfortunately at the hearing they have been covered up from same organization.
This is an iceberg that I have been fighting for 8 years now.


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