Unica insurance witness request,my opposition,”Unica’s Arbitrator Caroline King”decision.

Unica insurance wants to bring  2 insurance adjusters as witnesses for June 20-21-2017 hearing.Here is  my response letter and what  unica’s arbitrator understood from my letter.This letter previously send to the FSCO directly to Unica’s arbitrator Carolina King ,she pretends like she has never seen or received this letter before.Unica’s arbitrator Carolina King is playing dummy.

This has been faxed to you January 30 2017 regarding insurance witness


January 30 -2017

To arbitrator King/ Christina Pearce
Subject: Arbitration revocation hearing

I am in receipt of your last letter ,dr.Siva is only available on March 7 at 11 am ,so I would like you to allow him to testify 2 reports at 11 am then we can continue to hearing.It won’t take too long.

Also I Have objection of admitting insurance witnesses,insurance adjusters can not be a witness on insurance case.
Accepting those adjusters as witnesses is odd,credibility is big issue about those witnesses.
I am against insurance to set up a theatre at the arbitration hearing.
I am expecting from you to be fair ,not bias.
I am afraid that you are not a fair arbitrator and I would like to ask you kindly to recuse yourself from the hearing and let the arbitrator Robinson take over this case back,as you know he has more knowledge about the case.
Also as you know because of the Unica insurance set up and influence lead this situation.
Unica insurance had Arbitrator Robinson to recuse from this case.

The lastly Harry Brown has send you some copies of my articles about those animals (Joanne Blacklock and Tripta Sood) who call themselves lawyers,well they are worst then animals and I am proud of publishing these animals on my web page to show the world what kind of animals I have been dealing with.
(Again I apologize from real animals)

1-Joanne Blacklock
2-Tripta Sood
3-Harry Brown is their pimp.This is perfect triangle.

Note :This will be published and shared on my blog.

Arif Sahinbay

This is her decision letter about Unica Insurance witnesses











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