Justice piece of shit Lederer,from superior court of Justice Toronto


Is he still blowing  cocaine?

well come to Canada and Canadian justice system

Read this ass holes in my blog ,this Homo is still working ,question is why?

If this piece of shit Lederer still working in Canadian justice system ,so fuck the Canadian justice system from bottom to top.

These ass holes have been appointed by fucktop Harper government ,Lederer and bunch of others serving against public interest.Other piece of shit judges name mentioned in this blog.

Well, I have seen a lot and written  a lot about this sickness of justice system ,fraud,bribery,from bottom to top,nothing has been changed,these ass holes assets hasn’t been investigated ,how many of shore account do they have , connection of clearing black money ,where do they travel and how many times they travel in a year.

Canadian bullshit justice council  Also mentioned in this blog,the way of covering up others.

If any one think that they can get protection from Canadian justice system,they are sleeping and dreaming ,they will wake up when they face with the system then they will come  cross with my blog  ,will be too late.



Unica insurance Arbitration revocation theatre at the fsco fiasco

Here is the link of the arbitration hearing  listen carefully :https://youtu.be/Srg_s94cV5Y

as promised in the hearing the decision should be made today,unfortunately I have received an E-mail from fsco fiasco  today ,decision will be made in July 28-2017,therefore FSCO is delaying justice one more time against citizen rights and human rights ,I will make another complaint to the UN human rights council.

Here is the e-mail between me and FSCO



At the hearing you will see Unica insurance has 0 chance to succeed with bullshit accusations,fraud and forgery.

I warned arbitrator not to accept any forge documents for the hearing ,what I see ;arbitrator and FSCO is involved  with fraud ,forgery and illegal action of the UNICA insurance.