Unica insurance Arbitration revocation theatre at the fsco fiasco

Here is the link of the arbitration hearing  listen carefully :https://youtu.be/Srg_s94cV5Y

as promised in the hearing the decision should be made today,unfortunately I have received an E-mail from fsco fiasco  today ,decision will be made in July 28-2017,therefore FSCO is delaying justice one more time against citizen rights and human rights ,I will make another complaint to the UN human rights council.

Here is the e-mail between me and FSCO



At the hearing you will see Unica insurance has 0 chance to succeed with bullshit accusations,fraud and forgery.

I warned arbitrator not to accept any forge documents for the hearing ,what I see ;arbitrator and FSCO is involved  with fraud ,forgery and illegal action of the UNICA insurance.


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