“Toronto Star”! where the fuck your brain was Conservatives Harper years.

This lawyer gave the Liberals more than $1,800 — then he became a judge
Andrew Sanfilippo, appointed to the Superior Court this month, bought a ticket to a Liberal fundraising dinner last year.

This head line is one of the today’s head line of Toronto Star newspaper.

Now I am asking this Toronto Star;where fuck your brain when the Harper did worse appointments for conservative governments,Harper appointed even drug addict judges(example judge Lederer),That (conservatives)Harper guy also protected all their crooked judges against every single fraud and or bribery allegations.

Toronto Star where the fuck your brain was in those years?

why is this article published now?

this article means;what conservatives build has been started collapse ,conservatives has build many dirty connection with banks ,insurance companies and other dirty money laundering offshore bank accounts and only their judges were covering their mess.

Conservatives or liberals doesn’t matter ,justice has to be independent from political influence in the mean time  justice has to be controlled and touchable by law.

What a wonderful …… world!




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