To Fsco superintendent for Unica bulllshit insurance



Commission file number: P15-00069V
Subject :Arbitration revocation and arbitration
Arbitrator for the original arbitration :Arbitrator Robinson
Arbitrator for the appeal arbitration revocation :Arbitrator Muzzi

I Arif Sahinbay I would like to make my complaint against UNICA insurance directly to fsco superintendent.
Law applies to my complaint has been written below.
Fsco job is rule and regulate insurance business and enforcement of arbitrator orders and Make the insurance comply.

I would like Unica insurance to obey for both Arbitrator order and make payment accordingly.
The last e-mail I have received from the Unica Insurance lawyer Harry Brown says,he will put this payments directly to the court.
There were charging order for me from previous lawyers and I already made cost submission for them respect to original arbitration hearing Arbitrator Robinson Order.
I am agree that they can make those payment to the court or directly to the lawyers.
But,what I am disagree with this is ;they can not put any payments to the court for my benefits and expenses out of my pocket.
They don’t have judge order nor charging order for the out of pocket expenses and Benefits, there fore it is illegal to make such payments to the court ,those payments has to be paid directly to me.

I am kindly requesting from you as a superintendent of fsco make them obey,if not ,I can take this case with your decision to apply Tribunal to try to cancel the licence of Unica Insurance so,they can not do any insurance business in Ontario at least.


To protect consumers and enhance public confidence, FSCO monitors, investigates and where there is non-compliance with legislation and regulations, takes appropriate enforcement action against the sectors it regulates.

insurance agent, adjuster, or company; paralegal; and health care provider misconduct and non-compliance with insurance law

A1. To protect consumers and plan members, FSCO monitors and examines the companies and individuals in the sectors it regulates (including insurance, loan and trust companies, credit unions and caisses populaires; the mortgage brokering sector; co-operative corporations; and service providers that invoice auto insurers for statutory accident benefits claims).

When FSCO finds non-compliance with the law, it takes appropriate enforcement action, which can include a letter of caution, fines, a Compliance Order or the restriction, suspension or revocation of a licence or registration.

Lay charges under the Provincial Offences Act

FSCO investigates allegations against licensed representatives and/or companies that may have engaged in deceptive or illegal practices. 

Under section 282(10), a special award may be made against an insurer that has unreasonably withheld or delayed the payment of benefits
a special award pursuant to subsection 282(10) of the Insurance Act 


Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Ordinary Citizen
5160 Yonge Street, Box 85, 14th Floor. Arif Sahinbay
Toronto ON M2N 6L9
Attn: Registrar
Fax No.: 416.226.7750


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