Private prosecution particular has been filled up and will be served to the justice of peace against Economical insurance adjuster

  • Full arbitration revocation  hearing is below, watch around 20th second ,sworn statement of the economical insurance adjuster.This is the reality of this monkey business of the insurance companies ,just a small example.

On my tort wawanesa Insurance hired 2-specialist doctors to told  lie to the jury and wawanesa lawyer brought the guy who hit my vehicle rear ended Also he did lie to the jury despite of his acceptance about his speed at the previous traffic ticket court.

I tried to do perjury allegations against 2 specialist and unfortunately I couldn’t make it happen throughout to JP.

On the other hand who was the driver of the other car ,that poor guy didn’t know what was he involved to ,insurance doesn’t care If he lied to the court and after he get charged for perjury there fore I didn’t put anything against that poor guy however   I had a good prove  that he lied to the jury .

The more important part  was on that hearing is ;two Sold out specialists that they are doing this to any one and get paid very well absolutely under the table and by the time while those specialist  testified to the court , Justice piece of shit Lederer salvia was on his mouth and craving for more cochaine .

Wellcome  to the Canadian justice system ,hired specialists ,hired judges ,there is no way of winning from the perspectives of Citizen.That fucking Judge Lederer has been changed with the original judge for my hearing  ,just 1 day before the hearing ,They simply switched the judges ,hey who cares  ordinary citizens as long as cash flows very well.

If any one looking for the full tort transcript ,they can find it on this blog,the tort transcript has been already  published.

This is Canada and this is the real Canadian justice system.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned and don’t be surprised.

Their appeal court is another disgusting place,those appeal court bribes are shared (pool system)by those slug judges ,who ever is judging there,that means you have no appeal right either ,before you go to the hearing ,no! long before you go to the hearing at the osgoode appeal Bullshit hall, the decision already has been made so wasting time wasting money ,once the case sold out it will be sold out on your next move too so don’t be naive.I had to pass that step to be able to see and show you all what is going on there.

I already talked about FSCO fiasco many times on this blog with examples so ,you  already know what fsco means and what do they do.

Scotiabank is behind of all this corruptions in Canada,investors,I already warned you many times about investing Canada ,go invest in Syria  it is better ,at least they don’t try to put you in a stupid positions,you know the risk in Syria.

In Canada risk is as you see,on my blog and calculate the risk yourself,by the way on my journey until this point,I figured that out I am not the only one and won’t be the last.

it is not easy to figure out behind the curtains and I did it for you all in last 7 years,I have been to every single court level at least 10  motions,appeals,this and that,I am witnessed that some people lost their house because of this crooked slugs(judges lawyers ,politicians ,banks,insurance etc.)At least I did not have a house to loose so it is easier to declare bankrupcy for my self,yes I was involved with accident ,some one hit my car from behind while I was stopping at the red light and at the end I owe  more then $300k to the system why? Because I trusted the law  in Canada and I have seen  all of the above one by one,I have lived with it and dealt  with those slugs,yes I owe more then $300k to those slugs because I trusted them ,yes I owed more then $300k because I was not guilty at the accident but guilty of seeking justice,I have even seen people suicide and killed themselves because of this slug sold out judges,lawyers etc.

Fools don’t be fooled and fall in it ,that is why Canada is always looking for new fools to make them immigrant and make them slave,that is why even real Canadians are not living in Canada ,that is why population never grows up despite,100,000-immigrants coming every year.

Fools don’t be fooled and fall in it ,technology and social media has enough information and experiences for everyone read and learn.

fools don’t be fooled by thinking like this is only happening to the immigrants,money has no religion nor nationality therefore they fuck everyone in this system,Jew,Buddhist,Christian,Muslim,believers or nonbelievers ,Canadians ,Chinese,white,black ,Japanese,Korean,white,black,yellow,doesn’t matter I have seen every single one of them got fucked by these slugs,leech doesn’t care what you are as long as it suck your blood.

These leeches became mafia in Canada,they are shadow government behind the government  ,If you really want to understand this system ,explore the latest Turkish coup attempt and Gulen’s organisation ,These slugs in Canada , are just like Gulen’s organisation ,act similar,they have been sneaked every where in the system in Canada,no matter where you go or what  complaint you make  ,you will come and cross with their slugs.

The best example I see is Ontario Ombudsman lupe or something his name with lupe,he is one of the slug,previous Ombudsman  was doing real investigations and making honest jobs,slugs didn’t like him and brought one of their kind instead of the old Ombudsman.

Arbitrator Robinson and his letter is another good example,you may find that letter on this blog.

I am shoving You all in here is just a single snow flake of an iceberg and this much is enough for you to realaise the reality.








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