Former RCMP Inspector Admits RCMP and Department of Justice Know of Payoffs, Bribery and Case Fixing by Criminal Judges, Lawyers and Court Registry Officers Operating In Canada’s Courts


In a sworn affidavit that is will soon rock Canada’s political and legal system, former highly decorated and highly respected RCMP Inspector William Majcher provided sworn evidence in the Supreme Court of Canada that there exist criminal networks of judges lawyers and court officials throughout Canada who accept “bribes and payoffs” in exchange for fixing the outcome of law cases. (See paragraph 4)

Inspector Majcher also testifies, under oath, that the senior RCMP and Department of Justice officials “refused to investigate or prosecute the judges lawyers and court registry officials involved in the corruption” See paragraph 5.

READ INSPECTOR MAJCHER’S AFFIDAVIT BELOW AND please circulate this information especially to anyone you know who is being or has been screwed in Canada’s Corrupt Courts.

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Inspector Majcher’s affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court of Canada to assist the English family persuade that Court to grant leave to the English family so they could appeal the outcome of a case that they claim was fixed by crooked lawyers, judges and court registry staff operating in the British Columbia courts.

On July 22 2017 the Supreme Court of Canada, in case number 32379 refused to allow the appeal thereby deciding to protect the obviously crooked judges in British Columbia and assist a crooked lawyer escape going to jail.

Click here to go to Supreme Court of Canada Judgment

Chief Justice McLcahlin Forced to Resign in Amid Corruption Probe of Canadian Judiciary.
6/14/2017 0 Comments

Another Dirty Judge on the Run


Canada’s Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin began her career as a judge in Canada in 1980 and she has been a major player in case after case of judicial corruption as one of the first woman judges in Canada, Bev proved that women are equally as capable as men when it comes to corruption.

On June 13, 2017 Beverley McLachlin suddenly announced she was retiring – but not for six months – December 2017 – so she can continue to receive a salary of $370,000 while she continues to cover up crimes carried out by other judges on the bench in Canada.

Bev McLachlin was made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1988 by Brian Mulroney and was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989 by Brian Mulroney the same year that Brian Mulroney made Brian Smith ( shown in photo in left with Bev) the Chairman of Canadian National Railways.

Smith had no railway experience but he did have good credentials in the corrupt administration of public assets, and his directorship was believed to be a reward for services rendered when he was Attorney General of British Columbia where he was responsible for the conduct of the dirty lawyers at the BC Ministry of the Attorney General who were secretly and illegally giving a water export monopoly to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. The key lawyers were Robert Edwards and Jack Ebbels and they both died by sudden heart attacks……in 2007 and 2010 in what looked like deliberate murders…. to cover up crimes …..


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