This is my comment of the judicial review of Mr.Best case

Sadly I have to tell you this truth ,they don’t let one of their kind down,there is no justice nor law in Canada when the time comes against these crooks.Court staffs are part of the crooks,I would like to remind you that judicial review in appeal court that they have pool system to share the bribes and they won’t let one of them down,the law doesn’t work for them ,the law works for ordinary citizens only ,once you make any single violation let’s say traffic violation; ticket and punishment comes right away.These crooks don’t hesitate of anything any nor one ,they are owner of Canada and other citizens,how many of them has oversees bank accounts ,how much money that they are keeping at their home in their safe or in those offshore accounts,let’s reveal these first.No one is going after these dirty business and no one is investigation this dirty business.Every Judge every low society members including law enforcement officers should declare every year their assets to the government and Canada revenue ,then we can find out and ask where these money comes from,and every judge houses should be searched for illegal cash money and their safe should be searched as well.
Let’s come the properties ,how did they get these properties ,they must answer these questions first.There are many thing to investigate,one of them is judge Drug Addict Lederer house and office for cocaine,I am sure that they have already revealed and found out the drugs in his blood and in his office they they covered this mess.Evey single judges law society members and law enforcement officers should give random blood sample to check wether that they are using any drugs or not,if they are doing their job under the influence of any kind of drug.
If I have got the power I will get all these revealed less the a month and result will be published with society.


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