Judging judges 2 ( the decisions has been added)

There you go ,another fucking monkey business in law society and Canadian justice system ,insurance lawyer became judge in 2017 April and come and cross with insured in a motion ,what a wonderful monkey business this government has.

If you make insurance lawyer to a judge ,there is no fucking way of being independent-judge, conflict of interest is a big issue.

I am just asking what kind of brilliant brain appointed her as a judge ,are you fucking kidding me, she has ties with insurance companies ,it was obvious and I have been witnessed even in a single motion ,she was getting order from the insurance company,phone calls has been made during the motion,requests of this motion is violating Canadian constitution acts as well as privacy act.

Motion was violating and create conflict

a-)The Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms
b-)Fundamental freedoms
d-)Equality rights
e-)Legal rights

Look at the brain of the Canadian government appointed insurance lawyer as a judge and she was ready to give orders to violate laws and she was ready to humiliate self represent insured ,she was bias and made discrimination against insured.

Very nice to see this kind of bullshit from the government ,very nice to see how much corruption in Canadian justice system,that makes me right and proved one more time To write on this blog to give and show the citizens and the world; corruptions,laws,government ,the truth of the justice system ,bullshit society upper Canada ,justice of bullshit.

Canadian Citizens have no rights nor protected by law in Canada,world must know the king is naked.

Is there any conflict of interest,yes there is.



As you see  the decision is violating

1-)Privacy act,

2-)Canadian constitution

a-)The Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms
b-)Fundamental freedoms
d-)Equality rights
e-)Legal rights


I will appeal this decision how ever,there are a lot more sold out judges at the appeal court and I will name them one buy one right after I receive the decision.

Appeal Court has a pool system for bribery and bribes are shared by between all of the appeal judges.

This is the way of Canada and Canadian law society,Behind of this decision is as usual Criminal organization of Scotiabank.

If you think PM has power in Canada;wrong!!

Justin Trudeau has no power,if he starts act his own ,Aga Khan’s island vacation comes in front and slap on his face.

If you think there is a law,look at the decision in civil case and compare to your country.

where is freedom?

where is free will?

what a mass!!

These judges and issues are disgusting and I have no time to waste on this issue anymore ,I have been pretty busy last few months with providing information to who ever needs therefore,I will hire a lawyer for the appeal.


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Affidavit reveals deep-rooted corruption of lawyers and judges in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario

In 2002, it was revealed that William Majcher was a deep-cover RCMP police officer working against the dangerous Medellin Drug Cartel by targeting money-laundering operations in Canada.

“The Medellin Cartel, naturally, put out a contract to murder RCMP undercover officer William Majcher.”

For three years Majcher had worked undercover as a Futures and Options Commodity Trader primarily based on the floor of the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange. He took down disgraced Ontario lawyer Simon Rosenfeld and others for drug cartel money laundering, including Mark Valentine of the now-defunct Toronto-based brokerage firm Thomson Kernaghan & Co. Ltd..

Then in 2005, the RCMP removed Inspector Majcher from command of the Vancouver-based Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMET) – apparently because he sought nomination as a future candidate for the Conservative party. And because – much worse – in the news media Majcher alleged that the Crown prosecutors would not proceed with criminal charges against several high-profile individuals, and he hoped he could be more effective in politics than he had been in policing.

In other words – in 2005, RCMP Inspector William Majcher alleged corruption in the legal system and the system turned on him like a pack of wolves. What a surprise!

Flash forward to July 19, 2017 and William Majcher swore an affidavit in the Supreme Court of Canada civil case: Angleland Holdings Inc., Nederland Holdings Inc., John English, Paradise Beach Resorts Inc. and Pacific Rim resort vs Gergory N. Harney Law Corporation et al.

Every Canadian should read William Majcher’s affidavit and carefully consider the implications of what happens when the legal profession and justice system are allowed to police themselves with zero independent oversight and zero external accountability.

“During the course of my employment with the RCMP while working undercover or in handling criminal informants, I became tasked with knowlege and evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that included judges, lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada.”

If you read nothing else today, download and read William Majcher’s affidavit (720kb pdf)

Then read the case of the John English family – that Majcher swore his affidavit in support of.

Our justice system is self-destructing before our eyes because too many lawyers, judges and elected / appointed government officials place their profession, friends, cartels and profits before the rule of law.

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