Criminal economical insurance has robbed insured at knife point

Mr.Ozdemir has been robbed by one of the hired insurance  criminal.

This sounds nonsense to most of the people who doesn’t know how the system works in Canada or if you have never involved with insurance claim but,unfortunately Insurance companies are using all kind of criminals against insured,I personally witnessed many incidents has been caused or send by insurance company.

Behind the that robbery is,I am 100% sure economical insurance hired criminals.

Yes in Canada this is pretty normal,I don’t want to go to all of the details in here but I assure you insurance companies have many hired hired criminals to do the job for insurance against insured.

That robbery wasn’t normal one,it has been well planned,now police is involved but I don’t think that police could come up with something at the end of the investigation plus even if the police catch the guy they can not bring any connection with the economical insurance insurance company.

I know them from unica insurance the way of their criminal activities and this robbery is one of them.


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